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Messageboard Like a Champion Today

Stan Parrish thinks message boards are boring. Prove him wrong.

First of all, a small update. Yes, I know it’s IU week. Yes, I know it’s been sort of quiet around these parts. Unfortunately, rather than making the pilgrimage to Indy for the Cards and Hoosiers, I’m in Southern Indiana for a family wedding. Yes, a family wedding on Labor Day Weekend. Yes, a family wedding the same Saturday evening that BSU-IU lock up. Yes, a family wedding that I got roughly three weeks notice for. Suffice to say, the 10 hour drive from DC to home was needed to quench my murderous rage about missing this game. That’s why we’ve been slow. Despite the wedding madness, I’m at least able to slide away, address a couple of things, and hopefully give the Cardinal Community a place to congregate.

When I finally got home and caught up on the various ins and outs around Cardinal Nation, it came to my attention that the unofficial message board for Cardinal athletics (BSUFans.com) has had a bit of a technical issue and has been down for the last few days. So what better time to revitalize something that we debuted mid year back in 09 and never really pushed. Over on the left hand side of your screen, there’s a little icon of the pylon that will take you to the newly reopened OTP message boards. It’s uncharted waters and virgin untouched land of digital frontier. Make of it what you will, but at least we’ll have a place to make some chatter, predictions, etc.

If you’re too lazy to click an image or are reading OTP via email or a feedreader, you can visit the boards here. Board like you mean it.

I’ll get to the IU analysis and OTP prediction later tonight after I’ve had my fill of family and can commandeer a few moments alone with our country internet. It will be inflammatory. It will be unabashedly biased. It will be delicious and worth the wait. Go Cards!


2 Responses

  1. I smell a caption contest with that photo…

  2. That would be an excellent first post on the OTP boards for you!

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