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Update Your Itunes Feed for the OTPcast

Sometimes it takes a little bit of housekeeping around these parts to make the place run as well as we’d like it to. Because of that, we’ve had to make a slight adjustment on the Itunes home of your OverThePylon podcast. The link over to the left of the page has been modified to take you to our new little corner of the Itunes world, and if you like listening to two folks babble on about all the BSU muck that’s fit to rake, then click on that and select “subscribe”.

If you were one of the folks that was a subscriber to the prior feed, you won’t be automatically transferred over, so this applies to you as well. If you’re not a subscriber, you should be. You can visit the new Itunes home here. Folks that aren’t new will notice that it’s significantly better in terms of layout, meta-data and other assorted goodies. Well worth the 10 seconds it’s going to take to get your OTPcast downloaded automatically earlier than it is on the site here. Enjoy it, ladies and germs.


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