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Get Your Eat On with Coach Lembo


In case you don’t have dinner plans on Monday and were longing for a chance to rub elbows with the man about to take the MAC by storm, here’s your chance, friend. Per the BSU official athletics page, Pete Lembo is taking his road show outside the boundaries of the Muncie area as he’s about to unleash the Lembo all over Indianapolis. And don’t think that’s a ramdon occurrence since the Cards and Hoosiers are two weeks away from their epic tilt at Lucas Oil Stadium. The details per the release…

Ball State first-year head coach Pete Lembo is hosting a special meet and greet opportunity at Blue Crew Sports Grill in Indianapolis Monday.

The event is from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and includes a special appearance by Charlie Cardinal. Raffle prizes will be given way at the Monday event.

For additional information, please contact Adam Tschuor at Ball State by calling 765.285.1411 or e-mailing at aktschuor@bsu.edu

Now, I could be a little bit of a curmudgeon and grumble that Coach Lembo decided not to visit my favorite sports bar, Scotty’s Brewhouse, which happens to be owned by a Ball State alum, but that would be unnecessarily argumentative I suppose. What wouldn’t be argumentative and curmudgeonly would be letting you all know the bucket of win this place appears to be. Their website is here, and I hope you’ve got your laughing pants on, because you’re going to need them.

Let’s start with the menu, shall we? Perhaps you’re in the mood for some soup. I mean, what goes better with your food on a blisteringly hot summer day? I know for me the only thing better than a warm liquid is when it’s ironically named to boot. Hoo-boy… this place fits that bill in spades by naming them “Soup-er Bowls”. See, that’s apparently funny because it’s a Colts themed bar. And the NFL championship is in Indianapolis! And it’s soup which is the first syllable of the Super Bowl!!! Hahahahahah… Oh my f’ing God!!

If these people cook mediocre bar food half as well as they creatively name their menu, then I hope the football offices have more bathrooms than the stadium. (I’m saying the food is probably going to give Coach the squirts, FYI) It continues on through the rest of it like naming the kids menu “Training Camp” which apparently means your children are in training camp to become rotund lardasses through a “training camp” of mini-corn dogs, chicken fingers, and sliders. Dessert is “Overtime” apparently because dessert is outside the preestablished time for eating. Have you seen a crowd shot from some of the NFL fans lately? Pretty sure dessert is as important as the entree. That’s deep fried. Twice. Keep up with a diet regimen like that and I suggest you check out any Canadian pharmacy online to right yourself when the problems inevitably show up.

Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a good idea for Coach to get out and press the flesh in Indianapolis, and if this is a part of the deal with playing at the Colts stadium, then so be it. But after checking this place out it makes me do two things…

  1. Appreciate and long for Scotty’s Brewhouse even more. As if being an alum wasn’t important enough, their menu isn’t ironically awful and won’t make you have to drop a grumpy before you even hit dessert overtime.
  2. Finally understand the horrible jokes about the Indianapolis restaurant market and how the midwest is nothing but generic fast casual chains. After seeing this “orginial” TGI Friday’s doesn’t seem so bad, right?

So that’s your Monday night, I guess, if you’re down in Indy, want to meet Coach Lembo and have a hankering for food that has no choice but to be better than its marketing. There is $5 domestic pitchers, so you have that going for you and it’s hard to screw up a pitcher of beer. If you go and get some photos, drop ’em our way at overthepylon at the gmail dot com.


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