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Baker Breaks Thumb, Fans Get Jammed

I need no thumb to feast on souls

Two Thursdays, kiddies. That is all we have left before this long national nightmare known as the college football offseason is finally over. Granted, that opening night isn’t loaded with glitzy teams or national title contenders, but it’s the return of football and a lack of quality is nothing compared to a lack of football. 14 days to go… hustle up calendar!

No Hitchhiking for Sean Baker
The one thing that derails the optimism of fall more than anything else is breaking injury news. BSU has had their share of folks dinged up and nicked up, but fortunately have escaped the wrath of the angry injury bug for the most part. The injury bug took another bite Wednesday, as fans and journalists got a glimpse of safety and arguably the Cardinals biggest defensive weapon Sean Baker sported a cast on his right thumb. The injury occurred Tuesday at practice and though no official diagnosis or indication of severity has been given, it doesn’t look like Baker will be missing any game action, most especially the season opener against Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Baker’s battled injuries in his career before, as a broken hand and its resulting surgery kept him out of the Auburn game in 2009. I like to think that the reason injuries have happened to Baker is because of the reckless way he throws his body into every play. That’s what opposing receivers and running backs should think as well. I mean, hell, if he has such little regard for his own body that he just goes about breaking it, what’s he going to do to yours, hmmm? Marinate on that as you make the journey to Muncie opposing nameless player.

Fans Get Jammed
The next chapter in the love story of the budding romance between the Muncie community and the BSU football program was written Wednesday night as the annual Fan Jam event took place. For fans it was a chance to meet the team, the coaches, connect on a personal level, and introduce their kids to the greatest sport in the world. Some may complain and moan about the event not being on its usual weekend time frame, but new regimes do things differently. You can check out some photos here and here.

Preseason Schedule
OTP kicks it into high gear over the next week as our normal in-season schedule resumes on August 29. So that leaves you a week to get yourself educated OTP style with our conference predictions, top 25, BSU opponent previews, and our overall predictions for this season. The newly released Cardinal depth chart will get dissected tomorrow so get yourself ready for that. The OTPcast will be back next week, with our preseason show, then it’s the usual Thursday morning releases for the weeks going forward. Thanks as always for making OTP a part of your day, and we’ll keep on keepin’ on BSU style.


2 Responses

  1. I read that the approx. attendance at fan jam was about 1000. Is this correct? How does this compare to previous years? Thanks for the info!

  2. That’s the rumor, Mike. It’s hard to make a comparison to recent years because it used to be midday on a Saturday. But from what I gather, compared to the last couple years and given the day and time, it was a wildly successful event.

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