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The Weekend ‘O’ Doom Looms

UK, BSU, I'm coming for you this weekend

UK, BSU, I'm coming for you this weekend

Come Saturday evening, within an hour of each other, both of our teams will kick off games that will speak volumes about what’s in store for this season, these programs, and the future of the Ball State Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats.

For the Cats, it’s a battle that not many are giving UK much of a shot in. For Ball State, even fewer people are giving the Cardinals a ridiculously smaller shot. Suffice to say, this weekend is not only an important weekend, it’s also potentially a painful weekend.

Kentucky LogoFlorida @ Kentucky
Most fans point to 2007 as a year to remember for the Wildcats, made so largely because of their upset of LSU. LSU came to Commonwealth ranked #1, and left with a loss. Could the same happen to the top-ranked Gators this weekend? It’s possible.

Florida is hampered by an emotional win last week against Tennessee, an emotional game next week at LSU, and a good number of players at least slowed down by a flu bug making its way through the team. Kentucky on the other hand, has seen a lack of respect throughout the country, as most fans point out the Wildcats blew out an awful Miami (Ohio) team and struggled to beat Louisville. Mentally, these Cats should be out to prove something… something that can only be proven by knocking off the presumptive national title favorite.

Kentucky football over the Brooks regime has steadily improved, and the fans of both programs are in for a fantastic contest Saturday night. Does Kentucky win? Doubtful. Do they look solid and surprise some folks around the country by taking the Gators to the wire? They absolutely will. Florida’s defense and Tim Tebow steps up when it counts, scores late, and the Wildcats streak against the Gators continues… for at least one more season.

Alan’s Prediction:
Florida 34
Kentucky 24

BSU logoBall State @ Auburn
For the Cardinals, they’ll take the field Saturday night in front of 80,000+ fans, all fully expecting an epic beatdown, thorough thrashing, and no chance of a Cardinal win. For the casual fan, just looking over the results this season, that’s not an unfair assessment. The storylines have been beaten to death, and this game comes down to two things… the o-line and Kelly Page.

If the o-line is able to open holes for Quale and protect Kelly to throw, then BSU has a shot. A small shot, that would require everything to break just right for the Cardinals, but a shot all the same. Should the Cards come out with a porous offensive line, no success in the rushing game, horrendous penalties, or turnovers, then it’s going to be a long damn night. A tremendously long damn night.

Realistically, the coaching staff and players for Auburn have to be looking at this game the same way as the fans… that this is simply a formality and no team or players to concern themselves with. They have a game next week against Tennessee which is probably occupying more than a few minds, and that’s good news for the Cardinals. Auburn has played perfect this season, their offense is exceptional, and the defense is hardcore. It is going to take a herculean effort from the Cards.

When the smoke clears on Saturday night, I fully expect a Ball State loss, but I also expect this team to show heart and talent that we haven’t had the luxury of seeing so far this season. This is a team whose back is against the wall and often times that leads to some pretty spectacular efforts. I am optimistic we look ok, not optimistic we leave with a win.

Alan’s Prediction:
Ball State 14
Auburn 31

Edge’s Prediction:
Ball State 6
Auburn 45
sirenOF SPECIAL NOTE: OTP will be providing live coverage from the press box of Auburn-Ball State on Saturday night via our Twitter feed. You can access that up on the left hand side of this page via the Twitter logo or by clicking here. Check it out, and get your fill of BSU related awesomeness.


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