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Separated at Birth: Auburn

Everyone at one point or another gets a “You look just like….” comparison. Today, OTP revitalizes a message board tradition with the OTP Separated at Birth, this time for the Auburn Tigers.

K Chandler Brooks and Daniel Radcliffe, who apparently stars in a movie of some sort. Weird.

K Wes Byrum and Stephen Baldwin, you know… the Baldwin brother who sucks the most.

QB Barrett Trotter and Jets QB Mark Sanchez. No word on whether or not this one hearts Pete Carroll.

WR Philip Pierre-Lewis and Forest Whitaker

DL Cameron Henderson and Evander Holyfield (both his ears included)

OL Vance Smith and Biff Tannen, who is just now starting the 2nd coat.

QB Clint Moseley and the Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton. Drug addiction not included.

TE Robert Cooper and Trent Reznor, who wants to something like an animal…

DB Woody Parramore and bald Sigourney Weaver. Scott Hamilton a close second.

RB Ben Tate and Wesley Snipes, who always bets on black.

P Ryan Shoemaker and Rod Blagojevich, everyone’s favorite crooked Chicago politician… which is ridiculously redundant.


3 Responses

  1. woahhhhhh somebody get shoemaker to the beauty parlor stat. the world does not need another blagojevich haircut!!

    ps this is my fave, i hope you guys keep rocking these look alikes every week!

  2. Hahaha Blago

  3. Absolutely, Carrie. We rock look a likes like Balgo rocks bags o cash

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