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Welcome New OTP Staff: Dustin White

otp logoI have found that the key to life is knowing your limitations. I think Dirty Harry said that. He seemed wise. For OTP, we clearly have smarmy commentary about the rest of the MAC, the ins and outs of the Fighting Football Cardinals, even gambling picks and podcasts that tell you the cars unfaithful husbands are most likely to drive. It’s safe to say in the 4 years we’ve been around, we’ve cast a wide net here at The Pylon. But there’s always room for growth and expansion and in the next few days I’ll introduce you to some fantastic new talent. First up, it’s new contributor Dustin White.

I’ve known Dustin for years since when he came on my radar at BSU when I was booking comedy shows and concerts for the university. I have a tremendously high bar for stand up comics to clear, and Dustin does that consistently. What he brings to the OTP table will be a weekly column, “Off Sides with Dustin White”, to give our site and your eyes a little bit of something different from slobbering over Pete Lembo, cracking on Indiana, or complaining about the lack of urinals at Scheumann Stadium. Here’s a little about our latest new addition to the OTP team…

OTP Dustin White Picture

Patient Zero of the ginger outbreak at OTP.

Dustin graduated from Ball State in 2004 with a BA in Telecommunications. After graduating Dustin moved to Chicago where he was active in the Chicago comedy scene for over 6 years. Dustin performed stand-up comedy all over the Midwest at comedy clubs, bars, casinos, basements, and about anywhere else a microphone can be plugged in. Dustin completed the comedy-writing, improv, and acting training programs at Chicago’s famed Second City, and went on to co-write and star in several sketch shows for Second City’s Donny’s Skybox Theatre. Dustin has been a blogger/contributor for Laughspin.com, ChicagoNow.com, and The Phat Phree. In all his time in Chicago Dustin has yet to find a hotdog that is in the same league as a Carter’s chili-cheese dog.

Nowadays Dustin spends most of his time working in personal finance, doing married guy stuff, and wondering where his youth went. Dustin’s goal is to provide OTP fans with a humorous weekly reprieve from obsessing over Cardinal football. He welcomes this chance to re-explore his comedy and writing talents.

You may have heard of Second City if you have been at all connected to life over the last several decades. To have someone on staff with Dustin’s comedic chops is a great boon to the site and hopefully to you, the reader. Dustin also got grilled for his first OTP Q & A…

How are you connected to BSU?
I graduated from Ball State University in 2004 with a BA in Telecommunications. I guess the coolest thing about my tenure at Ball State was that I won the Ball State Amateur Stand-Up Comedy Contest as a Freshman and Sophomore.

Tell us a little about yourself, what you’re up to now, etc?
Shortly after graduating I moved to Chicago to pursue my dream of being a comedian and actor. I was active in the Chicago comedy/improv scene for over 6 years. I got old and my priorities changed. Nowadays I work in personal finance and mow my yard in shorts and high socks.

Favorite Ball State memory?
Every single time I ate a Carter’s chili-cheese dog.

Favorite BSU athletes during your time there?
Peyton Stovall (basketball pg) and myself in intramurals (anyone who ever saw me play anything knows I’m kidding).

Predictions for the Cards this year?
I have to admit I haven’t followed the team closely since I moved to Chicago in 2005. I was happy to see them do well last season, though. I plan to follow the team closely this year, so I think the good luck I will bring to the team could propel them all the way to a MAC championship.

Join me in welcoming Dustin and check out his premier column “Off Sides with Dustin White” tomorrow on OTP.


One Response

  1. Thanks Alan, looking forward to working with OTP and being connected to BSU again!

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