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MAC Blogger Roundtable #3

Hump Day brings with it a new installment of the MAC Blogger Roundtable, this week hosted by the relative new kid on the MAC Blog block, Eastern Michigan Eagles. Off we go…

1. For the season, excluding intraconference matches, MAC teams are 0-10 against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents. Which MAC team will be the first to record an out-of-conference win against any FBS team?
I’m not sure it will happen this year. And that’s pretty sad. The MAC has had a good several years in terms of surprising people, sneaking up on FBS competition, and making folks at least stand up and notice the MAC for a few short minutes. This year, however, there isn’t a power team that’s been impressive, there are no offensive freak shows rolling along, and there isn’t some sort of marquee QB for the pundits to dis on gameday. Truthfully, the MAC sandbox is getting more and more insignificant with each and every weekend.

2. Three teams — Akron, EMU, and Bowling Green — remain winless; when will each team record a win? Temple is undefeated; when will they take their first loss?
The three losers on the block may stay that way for a while, as each have some significant issues. Akron sure as hell ain’t winning this weekend. EMU, I can’t in good conscience, predict a victory at any point this season, and BG will win when they play Buffalo on 10/2. For Temple, their win streak comes to an end this weekend when they match up against UConn.

3. Although teams have only played two games, that is nearly 17% of the season. How has your team’s performance so far compared to your preseason expectations? What key factors will you be watching over the next two weeks?
My preseason expectations were non-existent. I said .500 would make me happy, and right now we’re 1-1. The key factors I’ll be looking for as BSU goes to Purdue and then Iowa will be games that don’t make me want to throw homeless drifters into a blast furnace. Losses? I could care less about. Big time, high margin, run it up type beatings? I care. A great deal. I don’t think that will be the case, but if it is it will remind me of my time in undergrad when we sucked something awful and got curb stomped on the regular by the BCS conference opponents.

4. This Saturday, Central Michigan visits EMU. The last time they played in Ypsilanti (2008), a school-record 26,188 fans turned out to see the teams run 174 plays, combining for 1,171 total yards of offense, 15 touchdowns, and 108 points. How many people will show up at Rynearson Stadium this Saturday, and how many yards of offense and points scored will they see?
I think a better question will be who outside of Central fans and Eastern fans give more than 1 and 3/4 of a shit about this particular game. Let me see if I have this correct. This game, which pits a winless team from 2009 against a team with a new coach, new QB, and who sits 1-1 on the year after a defeat of the dreaded Hampton Pirates is supposed to drawn any interest at all? The answer to your specific question is the number of people that show up is directly proportional to the combination of fans in Michigan that a.) like either school immensely plus b.) have nothing better to do or c.) know nothing about quality football. There’s bound to be a Hannah Montana re-run or something that people could watch instead.

5. Rank ’em, worst to first.
Worst: Eastern Michigan
(tie) Not worst: Akron
(tie) Not worst: Bowling Green
(tie) Not worst: Ball State
(tie) Not worst: Buffalo
(tie) Not worst: Western Michigan
(tie) Not worst: Northern Illinois
(tie) Not worst: Miami (OH)
(tie) Not Worst: Ohio
(tie) Not worst: Central Michigan
(tie) Not worst: Kent
(tie) Not worst: Toledo
First: Temple

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