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MAC Blogger Roundtable #2

As we started last week, this week brings with it a new installment of the MAC Blogger Roundtable, this week hosted by Kyle at Fire Up Chips. Interesting questions this week and we’ll bring you the linkage of the recap when Sir Kyle compiles the answers, assuming the Temple-CMU tilt tonight doesn’t harm his psyche so much that blogging ceases. Off we go…

1). The MAC has looked weak so far against out-of-conference opponents. Is this shaping up to be a down year for the MAC?
Maybe not a down year, just not a year with excessive talent on one or two teams that will their team to victory. The Dan Lefevour/Nate Davis/Michael Turner kind of one man shows are gone, and unfortunately, when you’re relying on your entire depth chart that can lead to some problems. The first string on most MAC squads can compete against most anyone, but any substitutions and the talent gap gets larger and larger. That makes it tough.

2). Why don’t our fans come to games? Whether it is Buffalo in a large city or Bowling Green off the side of a highway, our stadiums are generally…uninspired. Even after Central Michigan’s GREATEST WIN OF ALL TIME against tormenting in-state rival MSU, Central Michigan’s stadium was half full the next week against Alcorn State. Can anything be done to at least get on par with a Tulsa or ECU?
The bigger issue isn’t in the MAC, it’s more about the areas the MAC is in. For example, to say nothing of the rigors of family life, work obligations, and all the other jazz that makes carving out six or seven Saturdays pretty tough to do, these schools are in direct competition with the Big 10 and the Big East. So there’s that. Add to it the fact that some of the MAC programs have been mediocre at best for their duration, the depressed economy in their areas, the lack of alumni who stick close because of that economy, and the lower numbers of alumni than compared to some of our midmajor brethren, and it’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a what have you done for me lately kind of mentality, and lately, the MAC hasn’t done much.

3). People act like a win for Boise State is a win for the “little guy.” Is Boise State really carrying water for the non-aq’s anymore? It seems to me they are essentially a BCS program at this point in time.
I wouldn’t say they get lumped into the non AQ type family the way that Ball State or Central Michigan would, but we still get a cut of that BCS check from them… for now. Boise isn’t the little guy but they aren’t a blueblood program. For example, I have a close friend who loves Notre Dame. Any sensible fan would say that Boise has been far more successful than the Irish over the last decade. Yet, he still relegates them to the kiddie table in terms of respect, ranking, and prestige. That’s something that very few programs enjoy, and it isn’t just the non-AQs. Look at a BCS conference school like Indiana… I would say Boise gets far more respect than the Hoosiers, and rightly so.

4. The game of the week has to be Temple versus Central Michigan on Thursday night (ESPNU). Who ya’ got in that match-up?
For the MAC perhaps, and since you ignored Ohi0 State-Miami or Penn State-Alabama, I’m assuming you’re going for in conference. If this game were played on paper, it’s Temple all the way. A loaded roster and great coaching goes a long way. However, after watching Temple nearly poop themselves against Villanova, I have to go with CMU. Call me crazy, but the Chips take the Owls down 27-24.

5. Which MAC QB is going to take the crown as “best of the conference” when the dust settles at the end of the season?
As much as it pains me to say it, Jerry Davis from Buffalo. Kid looked legit in his season opener, despite the not so great competition. Take a picture of this Buffalo compliment because that is the last time I will do it this season.

6. Rank them FIRST to WORST.
1.) Central Michigan
2.) Ohio
3.) Kent
4.) Buffalo
5.) Ball State
6.) Temple
7.) Northern Illinois
8.) Bowling Green
9.) Western Michigan
10.) Miami (OH)
11.) Toledo
12.) Akron
13.) Eastern Michigan


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