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[VIDEO] New Cardinal Cabanas Coming to the Scheu for Ball State Football

I remember back when I was a student, I was fortunate to watch a couple of games from the old Ball State Stadium pressbox suites. “Suites” was a loosely defined term back then, as the amenities were limited to some mini ham sandwiches and metal folding chairs. Ambiance, this did not have. Since then, the powers that be in Muncie have improved nearly every facet of gameday operations, including the luxury boxes at The Scheu.

No one can argue that the luxury boxes are gorgeous. Those frigid days in central Indiana in late November? Doesn’t bother suite-goers at all as they are behind glass. But it’s biggest draw (weather protection) can also become its greatest curse in that there is a significant removal from the true football game experience. You can’t hear the crowd. You can’t feel the band. But no longer are your premium luxury options limited to private boxes and a thick barrier between you and the Cardinal football experience. Ball State has a new and (in my opinion) awesome option that lets you be as close to the action as possible, all while eating and drinking with up to 24 of your closest friends…. the all new Cardinal Cabanas!

What’s the Cardinal Cabanas? Let General Manager of Ball State properties Chris Ulm explain…

Green space and cold beers? I’m sold. Here’s the print version of the Cabana details: Cardinal Cabana Information

So contact Chris Ulm and bring your drinking boots to The Scheu on gameday Saturdays, Cabana-style!

[VIDEO] Joel Godett Takes You All Access at Media Day

Voice of the Cards Joel Godett has a great video up on the BSU mothership about Media Day and Ball State Football. I highly advise you watch it below…

Some things I noticed…

  • The quiet confidence that I’ve loved about CPL since his arrival is on full display.
  • Ben Ingle may be one of the smoothest-voiced football players I’ve heard speak. Seriously, he has a future as a Student Loan Collector that people not only wouldn’t despise, they’d pay triple. Early.
  • Quake rocks the bowtie far better than you or I ever could.
  • Rod Carey from NIU is a big dude. I bet he could use his hands as cricket bats.
  • The next time I see Joel, I’m asking whether his last name is “Guhdet” or “GOdett” because in the video above, he pronounces it two different ways. Or maybe I’m just hearing it that way. Perhaps this is a Howard Stern/Pig Vomit edition of “Double yew ennnnnn be see”. In that example, I guess Joel would be Howard. Tex Ritter would definitely be Fred.

[VIDEO] OTP Takes You Inside the Ball State Spring Game

Join Jason and Alan as they take you inside the Ball State Spring Game from Saturday. Game action, crowd shots, Coach Lembo post game, and even some tailgating hotness. It’s like you were there. You’re welcome.