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Initial Arkansas State Thoughts

go daddy bowlWell, that certainly sucked.

When January started, I decided to go alcohol-free for the month. I can’t tell you how many times tonight I regretted that decision. Whether it be in frustration over a Keith Wenning INT, a celebration over a Eric Patterson INT, a thankful toast for Quake Edwards’ legs and motor, or a cursed salute to the pass happy attack that the game started off with, that decision for Drynuary 2014 was a bad one. But I can only imagine how much more productive my Monday is going to be after not having to drink this one away. You saw it. We all did. The Cards fall on a blocked field goal to Arkansas State 23-20 after toying with all of our emotions in the final five minutes or so.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is a BSU football team that finished second in the MAC West, won double-digit games this season, set multiple school and personal records, and was in all reality maybe five minutes of game action from 14-0. There’s something to take away from that and I sincerely hope that the majority of fans after the initial sting from this wears off remember all of the above. I’d be willing to bet that had I come to you in August and offered you 10 wins, you would have taken it sight unseen. And let’s not forget that every other MAC team that was invited to a bowl lost theirs also, and roughly half of the FBS didn’t even get to go to one. Perspective, folks.

There are myriad things I could harp on tonight, like questionable coaching decisions and playcalling from essentially the first possession all the way up to BSU alums on social media that continue to propagate this idea that BSU football isn’t worth supporting or believing in because this kind of thing always happens. There’s a ton of other things that sort of irked my ire this evening, but that’s for tomorrow. Hopefully some of it will not even be worth wasting OTP real estate on after a good night’s sleep.

Instead, I will focus on the careers of some fantastic seniors like Keith Wenning, Jamill Smith, Zane Fakes, Jonathan Newsome, Nathan Ollie, and a whole host of others who have given their blood, sweat, and tears to a program and a fanbase that I’m sure at times made them question why they did it. This group of seniors deserved better than this, and I am genuinely sorry that they are not leaving as the core group of folks who won BSU’s first bowl game or the first MAC Championship in decades. That’s the real shame in this and one that will likely take more than a good night’s rest to get over.

But for now, it is what it is and BSU is still winless in their seven bowl trips in school history. I’m still damn proud to be a Cardinal and I have a good feeling about #8.

BSU & Arkansas State by the Numbers

By the Numbers200On Sunday, January 5th, the Cardinals will pack up the greatest show on field turf and mosey on down to Mobile where they will play in their 7th bowl in program history and 2nd consecutive bowl in the Lembo era at Ball State. The GoDaddy.com bowl features Arkansas State from the Sun Belt as Ball State’s first potential bowl victim, and the Red Wolves will be minus one head coach when the game kicks off.

It was reported today by USAToday that ASU head coach Bryan Harsin was hired to fill the void left by Chris Peterson leaving Boise State for Washington. For Arkansas State, their next coach will be their 5th coach in as many years and that’s pretty much the definition of tumult. Of course, the flip side of that coin is the normal program-shaking situation of a head coach leaving before a season is complete is old hat for these Red Wolves. As a BSU loyalist, I will choose instead to assume that those on the staff that’s left are having a hard time even finding things in the office like whistles or three button short shorts. Coaches still wear those, right?

For the Cards, this bowl game is tremendously important as it could be the first bowl victory in the history of the program, and I would argue, perhaps the most winnable of the last few in the modern era. At 7-5 overall and 5-2 in the Sunbelt for ASU, compared to 10-2 overall and 7-1 in the MAC for BSU, the records would indicate that BSU should have a slight advantage. Let’s see what the numbers say…

BSU vs. Arkansas State:
National Stat Rankings & Statistics
Scoring Offense 13th (40.1)
62nd (29.7)
Rushing Offense 79th (153.1) 29th (207.0)
Passing Offense 9th (333.3) 87th (207.2)
Total Offense 19th (486.3) 65th (414.2)
Scoring Defense 48th (24.8) 65th (26.7)
Rushing Defense 94th (194.8) 83rd (182.8)
Passing Defense 58th (226.0) 74th (234.4)
Total Defense 87th (420.8) 79th (417.3)
Sacks 59th (25.0) 60th (24.0)
Sacks Allowed 16th (14.0) 80th (27.0)
Turnover Margin 10th (+12) 29th (+6)
3rd Down Conv. % 41st (44.1%) 29th (45.6%)
Opp. 3rd Down Conv. % 67th (39.9%) 47th (37.0%)
Red Zone Conv. % 11th (90.3%) 31st (87.5%)
Opp. Red Zone Conv. % 25th (77.1%) 23rd (76.9%)
Punting 68th (40.7) 73rd (40.4)
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 6th (31.6) 100th (58.1)

Of the 17 stats measured for our By the Numbers pieces, the Cardinals hold an 11-6 advantage, which is considerably closer than I expected. Don’t be fooled, Cards fans. This one will be far from easy. Each day leading up to this particular contest we have something exciting planned, so be sure to check back for your BSU GoDaddy Bowl ridiculousness.

BSU Heading to Mobile for the GoDaddy.com Bowl

go daddy bowlOTP reported earlier this afternoon and Ball State and the MidAmerican Conference confirmed this evening that Ball State will be heading to Mobile, Alabama on Sunday January 5th for the GoDaddy.com bowl against the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

The Red Wolves come to Mobile with a 7-5 record and a 5-2 Sun Belt mark. Their biggest games this season were against Memphis, Missouri, and national champion participant Auburn, all losses. Their two in-conference losses were to Western Kentucky and eventual Sun Belt champion Louisiana Lafayette. ASU is a run-oriented attack that averages just a shade under 30 points a game. They are also 65th in the country for points against, so to call this game winnable would be an understatement.

This is BSU’s 7th bowl trip in school history and perhaps the best chance for a bowl win, which would be the program’s first. The location isn’t the most ideal (as there are other MAC affiliated bowls with a closer location) but to say I’m unhappy with the GoDaddy.com bowl wouldn’t be correct.

The most important things for BSU’s bowl selection was a location that was reachable in relative ease for people should they want to go and a  matchup against a beatable team. This situation is all those things.

Fans will remember that the last time BSU was in Mobile, there was an interim coach as our head coach had departed for places west. Fans are worrying about that now as well, but let’s burn that bridge when we get there mmkay? I’m thrilled that the Cardinals are going to be bowling at a warmer locale than some of the possible choices and that they will be the lone college game that night against an opponent that is very capable of being the first BSU bowl win. The other details surrounding the game which may or may not happen at this point are immaterial.

So book your rental cars, ask for days off work, stuff your stocking with tickets. You’ll want to be there for what could be a monumental game. Mobile. January 5th. Go Cards.

ULM’s Weatherbie Dismissed, No One Cares

Weatherbie doesn't even get Kenny Powers... that's how insignificant he is

It is apparently not the best day to be a head football coach with the initials C.W. After Charlie Weis was shown the door in South Bend, Louisiana-Monroe follows suit and dismisses their own CW’d head man in Charlie Weatherbie, according to ESPN’s Joe Schad, who has his finger on the pulse of college football firings. Normally a firing at least gets you a bullet point on Sportscenter, but now Weatherbie gets the (dis)honor of not only being the least notable firing of the day, he’s the least notable firing of the day to a guy with the same initials. Welcome to unimportantville.

That brings our total of pink slips to 10 and we haven’t even hit the conference championships or Bowls yet. This is shaping up to be a tumultuous offseason, and believe me, as BSU fans, we know tumult.

As for Weatherbie, he is dismissed from ULM with a 31-51 record while racking up a 24-24 Sun Belt tally in his 7 seasons there. I guess that upset of Alabama back in 2007 is easily forgotten, as is the conference championship he tied for that year. Even more crappy for the Weatherbie brood is the fact that his son is the QB coach there, but something tells me that may be another vacancy.

This sort of up and down roller coaster of job performance is nothing new for Weatherbie, who took Navy to their first back to back winning seasons and Bowl trip in 15 years… then lost 26 of 35 before getting his pink slip in 2001. Maybe it gets easier the second time you get unceremoniously fired from a coaching gig. Someone should ask Lee Corso.

2009 Axe Man Victims
JD Brookhart – Akron
David Elson – Western Kentucky
Al Groh – Virginia
Steve Kragthrope – Louisville
Mike Sanford – UNLV
Mark Snyder – Marshall
Dick Tomey – San Jose State
Charlie Weatherbie – Louisiana-Monroe
Charlie Weis – Notre Dame
Tommy West – Memphis

Weekend Carnage Report


Boom goes the Weekend Carnage Report

If OTP were a train, our actual real life function and existence Monday totally derailed the high hopes and expectations of the morning and afternoon. Post victory hangover? Perhaps. And while I wish we had all day to celebrate and mock since we have victory numero uno, part of me falls along the “Act Like You’ve Been There Before” line. We have been here before… 12 times last season to be exact, but for whatever reason, this win, this 29-27 eeking out over Eastern Michigan just tastes a lot sweeter than many of the wins last season.

Perhaps that’s because this one was unknown. Perhaps because this one silenced more critics, both internal and external, than any victory last season. Perhaps it was because of the record breaking day on the ground. It really is hard to say why I feel the way I do, because the game was far from perfect. The defense played deplorable at times, outstanding at others. As good as the running game was with Quale Lewis and Cory Sykes going for over 500 yards, the passing defense was just as bad… going for 1 yard. Singular. Not good. The special teams were far from special, as an extra point and a field goal were both blocked, and EMU was able to have favorable field position thanks to shoddy kick coverage most of the time.

The injury bug? He’s back again, this time claiming Eric Williams, the promising young tailback who at times this season has been the most exciting player on the field offensively for the Cardinals. No official word from BSU, but Williams has alerted us it’s an MCL sprain.

Any other time, a victory over a winless, hapless, severely overmatched squad like Eastern Michigan wouldn’t be cause for excessive celebration, but this time is different. The monkey is off the back of Stan Parrish and the team… finally.

The rest of the weekend…

The Good

  • Iowa: Their wins have been far from sexy, but the Hawkeyes continue to roll them up. Only a handful of teams in each of the major conferences control their own destiny any longer for a conference title, and Iowa is one of those lucky few. A win at Ohio State on 11/14 and avoiding trap games against Indiana and Illinois locks the Hawkeyes in for the conference crown and the BCS payday.
  • Cincinnati: The Bearcats are also in the control your own destiny camp, and took most of the country by surprise. Cynics will point to the lack of major opponents, but supporters can just as easily point to what Cincy has been able to do to those not so impressive teams. The area of largest concern heading into the season, the defense, has been more than impressive for the Bearcats.
  • TCU: After dismantling BYU at BYU this weekend, the Horned Frogs are making a serious case that it should be them, and not Boise State as the top ranked non-automatic qualifier. TCU’s performance on Saturday was dominant and one-sided, which is what they’ll need to keep doing to have a shot at the big dollar Bowls.

The Bad

  • North Carolina: After squandering a second half lead to Florida State and dropping their 3rd ACC contest of the season, the Tar Heels, whom many predicted to contend for the ACC find themselves in a virtual must win this Thursday at Virginia Tech to save face and try to go Bowling.
  • Kansas: The Jayhawks had the opportunity to plant their flag in the Big 12 North race with a win over a depleted and somewhat weakened Oklahoma team. After their loss, the Jayhawks now find themselves in a perilous position with the meat of their schedule upon them.
  • Rice/Miami (OH)/Eastern Michigan/Western Kentucky/New Mexico: All still winless after 8 weeks of action.

The Ugly

  • Alabama: Needed a blocked field goal in the final seconds to ensure a victory over Tennessee. It certainly raises some questions about which team in this contest was wrongly valued by the pundits and pollsters. My gut says Tennessee just plays big against big time opponents, and I hope my worst case fears that the Kiffin system actually works are not realized.
  • Auburn: LSU delivered the Tigers’ third straight loss. Auburn was a team being lauded mere weeks ago as a potential SEC West darkhorse. After Arkansas, Kentucky, and LSU, Auburn is falling back to Earth and quickly.
  • SEC Officials: No one had taken more heat leading up to Saturday’s action than the official crews in the Southeastern Conference. After yet another gameday across the south dictated by shoddy calls and blatant incorrect review decisions, there are some major questions being raised. All totally valid and worth exploring, but truly unfortunate that the country’s best conference, who happens to find themselves under the biggest microscope, is missing call after call after call.

OTP Helmet Stickers
From Alan

  • MiQuale Lewis/Cory Sykes, RBs, Ball State: In the win over Eastern Michigan, the Cardinal backfield rushed for over 500 yards. That’s more than most teams gain on the ground in two games. Hapless opponent? Of course. Any reason to not celebrate their accomplishment? Nope.

Weekend Carnage Report

Apologies for the delay this morning… stupid real life. We’re back now, though, and playing catch up for most of the morning. The weekend itself was noteworthy more for what didn’t happen (Tennessee not getting destroyed, USC struggling, etc.) than for what did, but it’s another weekend over.

Thankfully, the time for teams to load up on tomato cans from FCS or pitifully overmatched FBS teams is drawing to a distinct close as conference play is just around the corner for most. I, for one, cannot tell you how exciting it was to welcome the 3:30 SEC/CBS marriage back onto my television. It had been gone far too long. Off we go…

Ball State logoBall State Report: More coming in a bit, but frankly, this one was both disappointing and encouraging, if that’s even possible. In what’s sort of become a refrain so far this season… as bad as we played all game, we were still in a position to win it. While it sucks we’re 0-3, this isn’t like we’re getting beat by 60 points. Having said that, we play at Auburn this weekend, where the potential for a beating of epic proportions is entirely possible. Could this be the weekend where lightning strikes? Who knows…

Kentucky LogoKentucky Report: It was an ugly win, but a win nonetheless for the Wildcats. Years ago, that wouldn’t have been the case, as UK tried every way in the world to give that game to the Cardinals. Penalties, turnovers, clock problems, etc. all colored this game, and could have very easily been the reasons why a loss was inevitable. Fortunately for UK, the football Gods and more specifically Derrick Locke and Randall Cobb smiled on them Saturday as they walked out of Commonwealth a winner. Tremendous effort by Louisville, though. Totally unexpected. More a bit later on this one as well.

On to the weekend…

The Good

  • Washington: With a stout defensive effort, as well as some key USC injuries, the Huskies upset #3 USC on Saturday, snapping a 10-game Pac 10 losing streak and announcing to the world that Steve Sarkisian, was in fact, the right man for the job.
  • Oklahoma: No Sam Bradford? No problem for the Sooners, who dismantled Tulsa 45-0 behind the arm of backup QB Landry Jones. The freshman threw for 336 yards and 6 TDs, leaving many wondering how they would have done against BYU without Bradford at all.
  • Oregon: After the punch heard round the world, and their 1-1 start, most had written off Oregon as any sort of threat out west. With Saturday’s victory over Utah, the Ducks announced they are still very much in the picture, while dealing the non-automatic qualifiers a significant blow to their BCS hopes.

The Bad

  • BYU/Utah: Two teams that most thought would be in the conversation for a BCS at large berth, especially given the Cougars upset of Oklahoma to start the season. Both beaten on Saturday, and both virtually guaranteed to not be in the BCS.
  • Maryland: Following the trend of the last few seasons, Maryland certainly played to their competition Saturday in Byrd Stadium as they were upset by Middle Tennessee State on a last second field goal. “Upset” may be a bit much, though, considering the Terps needed overtime to beat James Madison last weekend and were beaten by MTSU last year.
  • USC: Saturday’s upset at Washington was another example of SC underperforming at least once per season. The last 4, to be exact, were all characterized by a Trojan loss to an unranked opponent. It’s not a question whether or not Pete Carroll can coach a big game, it’s whether or not he can coach the run of the mill ones.

The Ugly

  • Kentucky: A Louisville team that is the bottom of the Big East shouldn’t test anyone the way they did on Saturday. It remains to be seen whether this was more Louisville playing over their heads or Kentucky under theirs. With the Gators heading to Lexington on Saturday, we shall have an answer to that question.
  • Florida: Blame the swine flu, but Florida looked far from sharp or dominant in their 10-point victory over Tennessee. Rivalry games have a ridiculous tendency to be close, but the margin in this one was surprising to say the least.
  • Penn State: Another weekend, another win for the Nittany Lions, but like every other victory this season, it was far from a blowout, the Nittany Lions far from dominant, and this one was again against a MAC school. Ugly for not only their margin, but their continuous opponents who provide no real challenge.

OTP Helmet Stickers
From Alan

  • Jahvid Best, RB, Cal: Further proving that he is without question the best running back in college football, Best racked up 131 yards and 5 TDs in the Golden Bears victory over a tough Minnesota team.
  • Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame: 22-31 300 yds, 2 TDs in a victory over Michigan State, a win the Irish desperately needed.
  • Jeremy Avery, RB, Boise State: 186 rushing yards, 83 receiving yards, and a TD in the victory over upset minded Fresno State.

From Edge

  • Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma: Record setting performance with 6 TD tosses in a Sooner victory… as a freshman.
  • Washington: The entire team for upsetting USC and costing them a good chance at a national title. Congrats.

Week One… with a Little Help from the Fab Four

Club_ID_by_BeatlesFanClubWith week one in the books, the football machine is now fully operational.  But if you haven’t noticed, this week is a landmark occasion in the music world.  The Beatles are set to release all their albums today, finally remastered on CD, as well as The Beatles: Rock Band video game.  I have had a chance to hear about half of the remastered albums (we rockers get early access to everything, or we find someone who does), and the results are nothing short of incredible.

But as I listened this weekend, a lot of the songs played as great soundtracks to the weekend of college football.  And once again, I did the work for you.  Here are some timeless Beatles songs and their connection to week one.

Here, There and Everywhere
Notre Dame was all over the field Saturday.  And for once, they weren’t being led around it.  They came out fast, and they stayed that way the entire game.  If they keep this up, maybe Crazy Lou was right.

Let It Be
Air Force did anything but let it be.  Demolishing Nicholls State 72-0 should show the rest of the Mountain West that Air Force should probably not be taken too lightly in 2009.

I’m Looking Through You
Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly almost seemed inside Rutgers’ head coach Greg Schiano’s head the entire game.  Taking a 47-15 beating from a fellow conference team is not a pretty way to start the season.

A Day in the Life
Leave it to Ohio State to make a close game out of a sure blowout.  Just another day in the life for Buckeye fans.

You Can’t Do That
LeGarrette Blount committed one of the worst acts of losing one’s temper that I have ever seen on national television.  Next to Ron Artest.  Needless to say, I fully agree with the year-long suspension, and it should serve as a reminder that as much as you want to lay out an opponent for talking shit, sucker-punches aren’t the answer.

Continue reading

Cards Struggle In the Face of Meanness and Greenness

Photo Credit The Star Press

Hello? Hello?! Headset?!

We said a few days ago that Friday we would have answers. They may not be answers we like, they may not be answers we wanted to hear, but they were answers all the same. Suffice to say that most of the answers this morning are far from positive, but most everyone knew there was going to be some growing pains this season. I just don’t think anyone expected those pains to be so painful so early.

The biggest concern for the offense this year was the offensive line. And while the space eaters up front certainly weren’t dominating or impressive, there is plenty of blame to go around. Let’s get that out of the way… the offensive line wasn’t dominant in any aspect, gave Kelly Page no time to throw, and opened no consistent lanes for Quale Lewis. Kelly Page had happy feet in the pocket, rolled out almost immediately, and overthrew several wide open receivers. The receivers weren’t sure handed and explosive, either, creating no separation. The defense was largely responsible for the lackluster effort as the North Texas option read left many confused and in over-pursuit. The secondary gave huge cushions to the receivers, looked lost occasionally, and aside from Sean Baker’s pick in the end zone, provided no big plays. The D line and linebackers didn’t consistently pressure Riley Dodge in the pocket, nor did they shut down the run, shed blocks, or not get pushed around. McGarvey missed a wide open field goal that would have made it a 1 possession game in the 4th, and freshman Eric Williams fumbled in the fourth, which led to a UNT field goal. Hell, even the student section left a little to be desired as the boobirds showed up at halftime.

Now… on to the good. Quale was Quale. 103 and a TD on only 15 carries. Here’s hoping that in future games, Stan realizes he has a running back capable of dominating games and will rely on him rather than a first year QB in his first start. 15 carries for Lewis was simply inexcusable.

Adding injury to insult, quite literally, TE Madaris Grant left the game in the first quarter with an ACL issue with his knee. It’s unknown whether that’s a season ender or not, but it is the turd cherry on our giant shit sundae. Also, statistically, nothing was positive for the Cards. They were dominated in conversion attempts, time of possession, total yards, you name it.

The thing to remember for these Cards is there is no way to go but up. After playing arguably their worst game that I’ve seen in several years, they only lost by 10. That isn’t the end of the world. The freshmen will grow up, Page will get better, and hopefully the entire team will use this as motivation to succeed. If they sit back and look at it as a fluke, if Stan doesn’t change his game plan, if the fans give up, then it’s going to be a long long year for this team, these fans, and these players. Let’s not let that happen. In 9 days they get New Hampshire, an FCS opponent, which should be good for confidence and swagger. God help us if we lose that one.

(1-5 Stans, 1 being happy as a Matlock marathon
5 being like Marsh ran out of Metamucil)


The opening Stan-O-Meter starts off with a record level. The good news for Coach P is that next week the Cardinals get UNH, and the almost virtual certainty that the Stan-O-Meter will drop at least a little.

Congrats to UNT

Wait... we open with UNT? Maybe I should rethink this promotion

Wait... we open with UNT? Maybe I should rethink this promotion

I’m not really sure where to even begin. First and foremost, the better team tonight won. I can’t blame it on officiating. I can’t blame it on freaky fluke luck. I won’t be like a certain national columnist and pin the blame on a university president who didn’t keep our former coach. It’s all excuses, irrelevant, and frankly, the simplest answer is usually the correct one… North Texas just played a better 60 minutes of football tonight.

As I sit here and try to contemplate who to blame for the loss, ultimately, there is a nice little helping for most everyone. There were questionable coaching calls, like giving the ball to Quale only 15 times. There were questionable defensive plans or execution with large cushions to the receivers seemingly every time down the field. The defense couldn’t stop the ball, and the offense couldn’t move the ball. All in all, just a totally lackluster uninspired performance all around. Perhaps the most shameful thing in my mind was the booing of the team from the student section at halftime. Totally disgraceful and hopefully nowhere near as bad as it seemed. I understand it’s frustrating, disappointing, insert adjective here. But the simple fact of the matter is this is a team that probably has a very fragile psyche right now… a student section full of boobirds does nothing to advance that mindset past negative.

In the end it was simply one game. One shit game… but one game all the same. If, and it’s a big if, this team and this staff can use this game and this loss as motivation, then it will be a loss worth the heartache and angst that is welling up in all of us. However, if this team and this staff uses this game as a negative momentum builder for the rest of the season, then it’s going to be a long year. The good news that all should take from this game is that North Texas was significantly better than most thought, and this BSU team was a team comprised of a lack of experience and playing time. That sort of thing changes and advances as the year goes on.

It’s a starting point, not an ending point. We’ll be back with more tomorrow like the Cardinal wrap up, but for now, the positivity of our opening football weekend rests squarely with Kentucky on Saturday.

Game Day Motivation

We’re into single digit hours now until the season opener for the Cardinals. In roughly 7 hours we’re going to be able to see first hand the opening stanzas of the Parrish Experiment in Muncie. I certainly hope the fans are ready. I’m confident the players are ready. I have no idea if the UNT Mean Green are ready for the pending storm of hellfire and brimstone about to rain down on them. For Stan, who seems soft spoken compared to his homeless gobbling predecessor, it’s time to channel some badassedness. Get it on…

stangladiatorAncestors, I ask you for your guidance. Blessed mother, come to me with the Gods’ desire for my future. Blessed father, watch over my players and staff with a ready sword. Whisper to them that I live only to win the MAC, for all else is dust and air. Ancestors, I honor you and will try to live with the dignity that you have taught me.

stan300Children, gather round! No retreat, no surrender; that is Cardinal lore. And by Cardinal lore we will stand and fight… and die if need be. A new age has begun. An age of victory and success, and all will know, that Cardinals and their fans will give their last breath to defend it!

stanfightclubListen up, Mean Green. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. And you’re about to get your asses whooped.

stanpulpfictionThe path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.