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[VIDEO] Straight Cash Homey: Week 6

As we do every Friday, our multimedia coordinator and degenerate gambler Jason gives you his picks against the spread for the coming weekend. If you’ve been following Jason’s picks, you know he has had a remarkable few weeks, and I hope if you are the betting type, you’ve made a little money in addition to being entertained as you try to pass the remaining few hours of your work week by putzing around on a college football website. Hey, your boss doesn’t mind. He’s counting down the minutes until happy hour begins as well. Even soulless asshats gotta eat. Take it away Jason, and as always, always be covering.


[VIDEO] Straight Cash Homey: Week 5

Hey there Friday! How have you been you sexy little baby? What’s that? You’ve missed Friday too, dear reader? Hell yeah! *virtual high five* We have so much in common, you and I. We should get a place together. It would be awesome. What’s that? You like to gamble? As do I. And I know a guy. Not a wise guy, per se, but definitely a friend of ours if you catch my drift. He doesn’t have a beard anymore, but his picks are on fire recently. You should check him out. Here, I’ll give you a video. Call me.

[VIDEO] Straight Cash Homey: Week 4

It’s Friday and aside from planning where you’re going to venture to after your workday is completed to drown your professional troubles in dollar beers and/or tableside guac, it’s time to start looking ahead to the weekend in college football and where you’re going to spend that sweet sweet bonus money. Last week saw some late line movements, so get in while you can on Jason’s info. It makes the difference between losing (as Jason did) and winning (as I did) on the Kentucky-Louisville game. Sometimes those half points matter very much. Take it away, Jason.

[VIDEO] Straight Cash Homey: Week 3

It’s that time again to have Jason advise you on how best to spend that discretionary income you may have just burning a hole in your pocket. Sure, you could go to happy hour and get wasted on nachos and cheap beer, but does that give you anything other than a wicked headache and the squirts the next day? I say it does not. Instead, heed Jason’s advice to take that income and make it work for you. At the sportsbook!

[Video] Straight Cash Homey: Week 2

Last week Jason took his role as the new OTP Multimedia Coordinator to new levels by producing our first couple video blogs. Putting his video talent to the best use of helping you make some money along the way, Jason chimed in with his Straight Cash Homey picks and is back again this week to let you know what he got right, what he got wrong, and what he predicts for week 2.

Straight Cash Homey: Week 1 [VIDEO]

As we’ve mentioned on the site from time to time, your fearless leaders do like to dabble in the sports betting (for fun of course, since gambling is illegal). We also have a ton of new staff, one of whom (Jason Brewer) we introduced you to earlier this week. Aside from being a podcast cohost and producer extraordinaire, Jason also dabbles a bit in multimedia and the aforementioned wagering endeavors. So it made perfect sense to combine the two in a new weekly segment here at OTP so you too can benefit from his skills in both. Take a look at the below video and laugh all the way to the bank. If there’s something you have a hot tip on, feel free to leave us a comment. Always like to get those hot tip inside scoops. For fun.


Get Rich with OTP Starting Friday [VIDEO]

It’s not a secret that the creators of this site like to dabble from time to time in the roller coaster of emotion known as sports wagering. Though I can’t speak for everyone, my experience has been less Ace Rothstein and more office pool, but that doesn’t stop me from knowing the ins and outs of what pays, what plays, and how to capitalize on the first few weeks of the college football season, which is bar none, the best time to wager on college football. Why is that? Good question.

The first few weeks of the football season the lines are almost impossible to set because no one knows much of anything, most especially the bookmakers in Las Vegas. Come NFL time, there are 32 teams to memorize and know inside and out. On that level, it’s not impossible and makes for accurate lines from the jump for the NFL. For the college ranks, it’s almost impossible to know everything there is to know about every team. Thus, there are strategic advantages the first few weeks. Anytime you have fans that know more information than the bookmakers, that’s an opportunity that is rare and doesn’t last long. By week 4 or so, the lines are pretty much right where they need to be in the major conferences and by week 7 or 8 even the minor ones.

Since the fighting football Cards play their season premier on Thursday, that leaves a bit of a hole on Friday. A hole we’ll fill with post game analysis and our strategies to help you take advantage of the first few weeks should you be so inclined to lay a wager or three. Passing on what we’ve learned and what has worked for us could make all the difference in Junior going to Harvard or Ivy Tech. Why trust us? Last year, the OTP staff ran usually around 60% as a whole on our picks in case you were curious. That doesn’t get you fired up? This will.

Friday. Fire. Up.