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Ryan Gosling Wants Ball State Notes

ryan-gosling-cover-nologoHas there been an actor that has rebooted his career and image more drastically than Ryan Gosling? Most people saw his first role in Remember the Titans, where he played a goofy kid dancing to Buck Owens. Then came The Notebook and now he’s the ideal fantasy guy of everyone’s wife or girlfriend. I concur the dude has some nice eyes and abs I can probably wash my clothes on, but when your career starts with you dancing to a country classic, the dichotomy of present-day women (and some dudes) ready to jump your bones at the drop of a hat makes my head spin. Regardless of his incited bone-jumpings, Gosling is 33 today and I have got him the perfect present to wish him happy returns on his birthday: BSU news and notes!

NewsNotesLogo The Chicago Daily Herald has a piece about NIU, the BCS, and BSU that confuses me. Lynch talks about how BSU is important because it’s next, how they can’t get caught up in the BCS, etc. and then makes a comment or two about the BCS and how NIU is being punished for doing their job. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but I hope they are focused on how the BCS rankings are sticking them. That would be just lovely. (via)

NewsNotesLogo The Dekalb Daily Chronicle has a nice piece on how the BSU/NIU game is evolving into a great rivalry for the MAC. I was skeptical when they sort of forced this rivalry with the Bronze Stalk, but it’s gotten to a level that is indeed worthy of the term “rivalry”. Whether that’s causation or correlation with the Bronze Stalk is debatable. (via)

NewsNotesLogo Voice of the Cardinals Joel Godett has a great piece up about the Cardinal wide receivers on BSUSports with soundbites from WR coach Kieth Geither and Keith Wenning, along with the wide receivers themselves. Wenning gets the majority of the headlines and rightly so, but his receivers make him look awfully good. You can check that out here.

NewsNotesLogo Zane Fakes has been named to the Capital One District V Academic All District Team. Fakes graduated last May, is working on a master’s degree, and has a 3.7 in exercise science which makes my 3.0 in marketing seem not at all impressive. These Cardinals get it done in the classroom and on the field and are proving day by day that you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other.

NewsNotesLogo There’s other sports news from the Nest besides the Game of the Year in Dekalb. The men’s basketball Cards open their home season Tuesday night at Worthen Arena against Taylor. Taylor is an NAIA powerhouse, and BSU is in rebuilding mode under new head coach James Whitford, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect a sizable victory margin tonight for the Cards. BSU opened their season with a loss Saturday on the road against Indiana State. Time to get to .500.

NewsNotesLogo While we’re talking about roundball, the women’s basketball team damn near pulled the upset of the young season as #18 Purdue squeaked past the Cardinals 63-57. The Cards had a chance to tie with 36 seconds left, despite Purdue going 17 of 17 from the foul stripe and the Cards committing 28 turnovers. If they can do that to a top 25 team on the road, this team is going to be a holy terror in the MAC. The women’s basketball team opens their home schedule Thursday at Worthen against Pitt.

NewsNotesLogo Normally RV is our soccer expert here, but even I can appreciate a good post-season run when it happens. The women’s soccer team tore through the MAC tournament and though they were defeated in the MAC Championship 1-0 by WMU, the program continues to improve under 4th-year head coach Craig Roberts. It was their first appearance in the MAC Championship game and the program has improved every year under Roberts. They also landed three Cards on the All-Tournament team.

NewsNotesLogo Our BSU Tweet of the Day comes from @amo_la_vita39 who reminds us that it is that time of the year, so step your sweater game up.

Friday News and Notes


After 51 years of blogging, we will not be this happy.

Those fellas over to the right are perhaps the most notable rock band of all time, and July 12 marks quite a special day for the Rolling Stones. On this day back in 1962, the Stones performed their first concert ever at the Marquee Club in London. I’m almost positive there was at least one person who walked out of that show mumbling about how the Marquee Club never gets anyone big. My hope is they left early. I’m positive they probably now lie about staying for the whole show, recognizing the immense talent on stage, and doing lines of blow with Keith Richards. If you’re going to lie to cover your ass about walking out on The Stones, I’m a big fan of pushing it to the absolute limit. When it comes to lying, always remember the bigger the lie, the more they believe. The Wire taught me that. And how to sell drugs. But I digress. 51 years in music is a long long time and The Stones are still one of the premier draws. It just goes to show that sometimes in life, the more you party, the more poor decisions you make, and the more illegal substances you ingest the better, longer, and more successful your career is. Thanks a lot teachers/priests/parents/sponsors. On to the news and notes…

NewsNotesLogoThe football Cards are getting some much needed attention in the area as billboards have sprung up across Muncie advertising the coming season. We’ve harped on the (lack of community) support of the football program since this site was founded, so it’s nice to see the effort. I may be crazy but this season is shaping up to be a special one and I sincerely hope the Muncie community is a part of it.

NewsNotesLogoFormer Cardinal verbal commit J-Shun Harris from Fishers decommitted from BSU on Tuesday and committed to Indiana the following day. Not to be vindictive and/or petty or anything, but anyone who has the computing power in their noggin to weigh options between IU and BSU and choose IU isn’t bright enough to crack the field in Muncie anyway. Enjoy getting destroyed for four years, J-Shun.

NewsNotesLogoBSU athletics got a cool million bucks in grant money from the Ball Foundation for the current push for athletic program improvements. *cough* more urinals and a jumbotron *cough*

NewsNotesLogoBSU women’s golfer Sarah Westaway finished top 20 in the PGA Women’s Championship of Canada. Congrats to Sarah and it looks like I can add another name to the “People who are way better golfers than I am” list.

NewsNotesLogoWhenever your alma mater makes the front page of the Huffington Post, that doesn’t seem to be a good thing. BSU has landed itself in the national headlines for hiring a professor who is an authority on intelligent design in regard to the universe. It’s an interesting article and since this doesn’t seem the time or place to debate the creationism vs. evolution argument I would encourage you to head on over and join the poo fight in the comments.

NewsNotesLogoAn Ohio State fan named his brain tumor Michigan and then beat it. I think if I had a brain tumor, I would name it Indiana and let Pete Lembo tell me how to spank its ass up one side and down the other.

NewsNotesLogoIf you’re a gamer, NCAA 14 came out this week. Kiss my weekend productivity goodbye.

NewsNotesLogoMUNCIE NEWS OF THE DAY: A pregnant woman working at an adult novelty store was beaten, robbed, and raped by a customer. The most Muncie thing of all: as the alleged criminal was walking out he told the victim “Have a good 4th of July!” Sigh. Thoughts to the victim.

NewsNotesLogoYour BSU Tweet of the (yester)Day comes to us from @NYeoman:
BSUTweetoftheDay712I think now is as good a time as any to remind folks that the #1 rule of the 2008 MAC Championship is we don’t talk about the 2008 MAC Championship.

Thursday News and Notes

Lisa Rinna

50? Great googly moogly.

I will freely admit that I do not watch soap operas. The closest I’ve come is when I was a WWE fan in college, as that’s a soap opera for men. However, had I known that Lisa Rinna was on one I may have had to become a fan. Rinna came on my radar on Celebrity Apprentice but she’s been on Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives as well. The reason she’s our News and Notes poster girl today is because it’s her birthday. I find it hard to believe that anyone looks that good at 50 without a significant amount of work, but I look at Lisa Rinna as the reason why God made plastic surgery. Happy birthday! In a bit of housekeeping info, OTP’s week-long summer vacation after the 4th of July is now officially over and the slide into fall goes full throttle. New podcast coming on Friday, and our preseason activities start up next week. Ready yourself for that by enjoying the latest out of the nest.

NewsNotesLogoClearly you like blogs otherwise you wouldn’t be on this one. If you’re not a daily checker of HustleBelt (the OTP of the MAC as a whole) then you’re missing out on the countdown of the Best MAC Players for 2013. Today’s was doubly awesome as it was about Zane Fakes but it was also written by yours truly. So give it a click and a read. ‘Preciate it.

NewsNotesLogoBSU is building a planetarium, y’all. The funding was just approved by the state so it will still be a few years before stoners can do what they do and then go stare at the pretty planets, stars, colors, etc. Plan accordingly.

NewsNotesLogoSince BSU will forever be known as Punter U, I found it quite comical that Spencer at EDSBS has spiced up the Ray Guy Award Watch List with Japanese comic precision, known as Puntemon. If only this had been last year when Scott Kovanda was a finalist.

NewsNotesLogoThe photo below made its rounds on the internet yesterday, but the construction/demolition in the BSU Village began for a commercial/residential project where the LaBamba’s-BW3’s-Dill Street group of stores was.
University Avenue Construction When I was in school, that housed BW3s, LaBamba’s, the Locker Room, and of course, Dill Street on down the block. Let’s also not forget the scuba shop, the florist, or the Borics hair cut place. I understand that change is the price of progress, but to say that doesn’t make me a little sad would be a lie. I understand Dill Street was a dump, but most everyone has at least a couple Dill Street memories that they’ve proudly packed away from Muncie. (Sidebar: This isn’t as sad as when I came back to find Discount Den closed down. I had already planned on getting my then-girlfriend a Den pop and a cheap t-shirt but alas it wasn’t possible) Farewell, Dill Street. I’m quite sure the backhoe that tore that place down now has syphilis.

NewsNotesLogoYour Muncie news of the day comes from an article I have no idea how I missed. The Indy Star reported in early July that apparently when the Indiana Department of Corrections has sex offenders with nowhere to go they send them to Muncie. Probably might want to be aware of that if you’re a Muncie resident.

NewsNotesLogoYour Ball State Tweet of the (yester)Day comes from @allysonp_
Tweet of Day 7-11I remember move in day like it was yesterday. It was the start of a great journey and best of luck to all who undertake it.

Wednesday News and Notes

Yankee GM Brian Cashman turns 46 today, and he wants some news and notes.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman turns 46 today, and he wants some news and notes.

When it comes to modern-day athletics, there is probably no more polarizing a group of individuals than the New York Yankees. The equal to Notre Dame in college football, the Yankees are maybe the only professional baseball team that there is no room for middle ground irrelevancy. Ask any of your friends, even cursory sports fans their opinion on the boys in pinstripes and you most assuredly won’t get a “Eh… I can take them or leave them” sort of response. Fans from Maine to LA either love the Yankees or hate them, and most of that is due in no small part to today’s birthday boy, Brian Cashman.

Cashman was one of the primary architects of the Yankee dynasty in the mid-90s on, but perhaps more impressive, he was able to have a functional relationship with allegedly one of the most difficult supervisors in the history of sports ownership… George Steinbrenner. Cashman has had a front row seat to some of the defining teams, players, and managers of a generation and when you’re seen as the one responsible for returning the luster to one of the greatest (and most opinion-inducing) sports franchises in the world, that’s a pretty good life to have. Who else can see they were responsible for retaining the likes of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter and being able to call each someone they made Yankees. That’s a couple of resume bullets that are pretty remarkable. Surpsingly, Cashman turns only 46 today. On to the news and notes…

NewsNotesLogoThe BSU Sports mothership has a nice write-up on the summer  internship program for the football team and more importantly who is participating and where.

NewsNotesLogoFormer BSU women’s head coach Kelly Packard who abruptly resigned from BSU in the 2012 offseason has been hired again in the Hoosier State, this time at Taylor. The circumstances surrounding her resignation and the legitimate reasons why are still shrouded in some mystery but it’s always nice to see former coaches responsible for program success while they were here land on their feet.

NewsNotesLogoI think if I could swap places with someone in the football world for 24 hours it would be Kliff Kingsbury after reading this piece on ESPN. In a football crazy world like Texas, it’s gotta be unbelievable to be the GQ-ish head coach of one of the state schools. Not to mention the single GQ-ish coach. That’s an important qualification.

NewsNotesLogoIn light of the holiday about to consume us, and more importantly, out of respect for the beer we’re about to consume on said consuming holiday, Deadspin has released a ranking of 36 cheap American beers. Through a cursory run through I’ve probably had a solid 75% of them, including PBR before it became the go to beer of trendy hipster douchebags. Feel free to check that out and/or rank your own.

NewsNotesLogoIn “Don’t Try This at Home Because the Result is Amazingly Sad” news, a Carrol College sophomore received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms and legs after attempting to make a blooming onion at home and overflowing the portable frier as he was trying to move it. He’ll miss the entire football season and (in case that wasn’t bad enough) will be personally responsible for his medical bills. Thanks a lot Obamacare!

NewsNotesLogoYour Muncie News of the Day: Name me another city where a corndog factory is going to be re-purposed to make Islamic food. Only in Muncie, that’s where. But seriously, hooray for jobs. And really, hooray for corndogs. All meat on sticks, really, but especially corndogs. Yum.

NewsNotesLogoYour Ball State Tweet of the Day goes to @Jenny_R23:
Tweet of DayI remember that feeling like it was literally yesterday and it is nice to see that feeling occurring in today’s incoming class. BSU is such a special place. Welcome to the family!

Tuesday News and Notes

Bret Hart

Happy 56th, Hitman

I am not ashamed to admit that I was a wrestling fan back in my heyday of high school and college (and of course younger). At the time, it was quite common to find a group of us enjoying some hoppy goodness and a slice or two of pizza while watching Monday Night Raw or Monday Nitro. The boon of wrestling that was the WWF-WCW power struggle was epically awesome and frankly some must watch television. Growing up though, there was one particular wrestler who embodied the cool factor to the infinite power… Bret “The Hitman” Hart. I can’t think of one person who didn’t envy the little kid who Bret gave his wrap-around shades to at ringside and even his nickname (The Excellence of Execution) made it clear to those unfamiliar that they were about to watch wrestling royalty. Hart’s story is a fascinating one, as wrestling was truly in his DNA. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Wikipedia him and be impressed. He was way more than pink, black, and flowing locks in the squared circle. The Hitman turns 56 today and I won’t lie, that’s a little depressing. Anytime sports (or sports entertainment) icons start the backslide of life, it’s a bummer. Happy birthday, Hitman. On to the news and notes…

NewsNotesLogoPhil Steele released his bowl projections for 2013 on Monday and not surprisingly for Steele (but surprising for BSU fans) the Cardinals were nowhere to be found. Steele did slate NIU, BG and Ohio as bowl participants, but two darkhouse MAC contenders in the Cards and Toledo were not on the list. Steele was high on the Cards after the ’08 run and was significantly overvaluing the potential for success in 09. Bitter, maybe?

NewsNotesLogoIt’s been a challenging week for BSU athletics as two coaches have gone on to greener different pastures. First it was rumored that softball’s head coach Craig Nicholson had been named head coach at Arizona State (and BSU confirmed on Sunday) then the internets got aflutter with Nadalie Walsh being named the head gymnastics coach at Utah State. Both coaches were successful in Muncie as Walsh had numerous gymnasts make individual appearances in the NCAA regionals, and Walsh led the Cards to four of the last five regular season MAC crowns. Nicholson has been at BSU for seven seasons and was hired by Tom Collins, who *drumroll* now works at Arizona State. Networking for the win, I guess.

NewsNotesLogoInteresting article for the basketball Cardinals as Justin Kenny of the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel chats with new head coach James Whitford about mining the Ft. Wayne area for talent. It’s not a secret that we’re big fans of the NS coverage of the football Cards with Tom Davis. If they get an equal presence in BSU basketball, they become the GO TO mainstream site for coverage. Which is the starting point of a much larger conversation about local Muncie coverage that we may get into at some point.

NewsNotesLogoVandy has removed four players from the roster amid an alleged sex crime investigation. I’m not saying I buy into it, but in case you wanted to make the “When you start winning consistently on a national basis the behavior problems skyrocket” argument, this would be a good little place to start. Stories like this make me even more thankful that the program at BSU appears to be winning the right way with the right people.

NewsNotesLogoDexter, universally everyone’s favorite serial killer, came back Sunday night. No real substantive link, just figured you should know that.

NewsNotesLogoCan you really blame UConn for not knowing who is in their conference? I’m not sure I could rattle off all the members of the American Conference as of this moment since it seemingly changes day to day and being a blogger means you’re supposed to know that kind of thing. I know two incontrovertible truths… 1) There is in fact an American Conference. 2) Ball State is not in fact in said American Conference. That’s it. That’s all I know.

NewsNotesLogoMUNCIE NEWS OF THE DAY: A hearing was stopped for a child abuse trial when apparently there was a point of contention on whether it was honey mustard or spicy mustard applied as a “home remedy” to stop the pain. That. Happened.

NewsNotesLogoYour Ball State Tweet of the (yester)Day comes to us via @kirstenaciouss
Tweet of DayI can’t remember the last time I was even on campus to eat at AJ, but being able to grab ChickFilA breakfast if I ever am makes my heart leap. BSU students have no idea how good they have it.

NewsNotesLogoFinally, bask in the awesomeness that is Bret “The Birthday Boy” Hart:

Wednesday News and Notes

As I usually preface the summertime season with, news out of Muncie on the Cards comes at a snail’s pace this time of year. In some respects, that’s a good thing. News this time of year for football programs is either remarkably good, like stacking up 4-star and 5-star commitments which BSU seldom does, or remarkably bad like shooting up a Pizza King birthday party with an uzi. Which, thankfully, also seldom happens around Muncie. I know myself and other fans have longed for a while for BSU to be a national player on the football stage, but being a top-flight upper echelon program is not all sunshine, daisies, and championships. Show me a program that consistently wins and I’ll show you a program that is either ruled by an iron-fisted dictator (read: Alabama) or a program that has on occasion run afoul of the laws of the land (read: Ohio State, Florida, USC, Tennessee, etc.). Thankfully, today is the last of the desolate wasteland of the summer offseason here at OTP as July is right around the corner and with it comes the ramp up for the fall. In the coming weeks you’ll see our BSU coverage explode with our position group breakdowns, depth charting, opponent previews, and other assorted goodies. We’ll also bust out our national pre-season happenings like our first blogpoll, Heisman previews, conference predictions, and such. You’ll also see a much more consistent posting pattern so keep checking OTP for the usual tomfoolery you’ve come to expect. The OTPcast is back for season #5 with some new folks and format to get you ready and keep you informed as the season goes on. So look forward to that as we move forward. On to today’s tidbits…

Chris IsaakChris Isaak celebrates his 56th birthday today, and I can’t think of another musician who had such a formative impact on adolescent teen boys that had absolutely nothing to do with the music or song he was playing. If you’re my age or a few years in either direction, you can remember fondly whenever MTV, The Box, VH1 or some other music network got ahold of “Wicked Game” and how you didn’t know why, but you also wanted to fall in love and had a remarkably strong desire to visit the beach. Happy 56th to Chris Isaak and let’s get to it with the (appropriate for his genre) hump day news and notes.

BSU logo Making the rounds around the nest today is the recent post from SBNation that declares BSU as one of the nation’s best teams to watch. It’s a new rubric designed to give some sort of quantifiable measure to “entertaining”. Worth checking it if for no other reason than to see BSU amongst the likes of notorious eye-popping entertainment machines like A&M, Oregon, Oklahoma State, etc.

BSU logo Speaking of rankings, the Orlando Sentinel has ranked the Cards 62nd in their preseason rankings. It’s a somewhat generic profile and write up but it’s some national attention if only for a day from the Sunshine State. Indiana is ranked 75th and Purdue 78th, so outside of that Catholic school up north the Cardinals are the best in the Hoosier State. NIU and Toledo have yet to be ranked, so BSU is looking like the 3rd highest MAC program.

BSU logo Athlon sports has given a fairly detailed MAC breakdown. Spoiler: They have the Cards winning 9 games and finishing 2nd in the division to NIU which seems to be a popular line of thinking this offseason.

BSU logo Kickoffs for the 2013 season have been announced, so make your plans to get to the Scheu at the appropriate time. Nothing tremendously shocking, and a decent mix of later-than-noon-home-games to be a bit positive about. Would have liked to have seen a bigger push for evening weekend games but the television rights most likely played into that.

BSU logo BleacherReport named Keith Wenning/Willie Snead honorable mention in the best QB-WR duos in the country. It’s Bleacher Report so feel free to take that with a grain of salt.

BSU logo Two future BSU men’s volleyballers were named to the Fab 50 list of Volleyball Magazine and Alex Pia was named to the United States Boys’ Youth National Team. Even knowing remarkably little about volleyball, I know those are good things. Congrats to the two future Cards!

BSU logo MUNCIE NEWS OF THE DAY: A Muncie man was arrested for intimidation for allegedly vowing to scalp a Muncie police officer. You stay classy, Delaware County!

BSU logo Finally, your Ball State tweet of the (yester)day, courtesy of @pbgetlikeus:


I’ve been to Bloomington on several occasions and frankly, the differences between Muncie and B-town are negligible at best. Sure there’s a bit more active nightlife in Bloomington, but the best thing about that nightlife is the Brewhouse, a Muncie staple. Point, Muncie. Plus, you have an active citizen base ready to scalp police officers. So you know the odds of being harassed by the boys in blue are astronomically lower in Muncie when they have such other folks to occupy their attention. But she does love her school, so props for that at least.