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China Admires Peegs Restrictions, Pegram Still A Giant Douche

For those of you unaware, I had been engaging in a bit of conversation on Indiana’s Rivals.com website, Peegs.com. This website, run by Mike Pegram, is a site where Hoosier fans can gather together, talk about all things IU-related, etc. Apparently it is also a place where Pegram gets his jollies by ruling with an iron fist.

Last week on Pegram’s site, I defended Ball State and its programs and tried to challenge people saying BSU was a second-tier school with facts and logic. This was met with the usual chorus of “Ball State sucks” or “Go back to Muncie“. I simply supported my alma mater, voiced my prediction on the game, etc. In fact, the entire exchange was a bit tame for me, as there were no mentions of Kellen Lewis’ drug problems, no mentions of brain tumors, etc. It was classy, it was tame, it was low-key by any standards.

So imagine my surprise when I log into Rivals on Saturday and find a nice little message that I’ve been blacklisted and am not allowed to post anything. How lovely. Rather than ranting and raving, I was sure there was a misunderstanding. And that’s when my conversations with Karl Marx Mike Pegram began.

Pegram in his younger days of Mother Russia

My initial email to Mike was cordial, professional, and really more so just asking for an explanation…


I apparently have been blacklisted at Peegs. For what, I have no idea. Can you shed some light on this? I was probably the one Ball State fan who was positive about my school without being negative about IU. Would appreciate being let back in if something I did was a mistake.


Mike’s response to me, ever the wordsmith:

Are you sure you are blacklisted? What is your username?

Yes, Mike. I’m sure I’m blacklisted. Unless the big screen that says “Account Blacklisted” is incorrect. Regardless, I provided Mike with my username and info for Rivals, and got this reply back. Three days later. After a second email. Kudos to your customer service, big guy.

You did engage in some personal flaming so you will have to sit out at least another week

Oh really? El-Oh-Fucking-El.

Personal flaming gets you banned at Peegs? Then how in the hell do you even have a site left or a readership? Oh wait… this only applies to fans from visiting teams? Well that makes sense then. Far be it for me to ruin your Ookie Cookie IU Circle Jerk by diverting the attention away from the proverbial Wheat Thin in the middle of the room with logic and conversation.

Helllllooo… I’m here for the Peegs party

Regardless, Mike, it’s your internet site. And you can run it with whatever type of iron fist you see fit. Just don’t be surprised when the general consensus of everyone you and your site come in contact with is that you should take that iron fist and jam it right into your anus.

Oh Indiana, You Make It Too Easy

Rest assured that I’ll be chiming in with commentary and such on the little game played in Bloomington yesterday.


Thoughts and prayers to Dante Love and his family. No news is not good news.


As for the Hoosier faithful, I’ll have a special post for you. Assuming I can figure out how to work this thing with my “fifth-rate Teacher’s College” education.


Great win for the Cardinals.


Ball State-Indiana LiveBlog

So we’ve got the Ball State Cardinals kicking off at 7pm Saturday against the Indiana Hoosiers. Come on back to get your LiveBlog on with Ball State fans around the globe. hatehatehatehate.

You can sign up for an email reminder in the box below.

Cardinal Preview: Indiana (hatehatehatehate)

Ball State vs. Indiana
Location: Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN
Game Time: 7:00pm
Television: Big Ten Network

It’s Friday of IU Hate Week, and with it comes our preview of tomorrow’s showdown. Well, showdown for Ball State. Listening to most IU fans talk, this is going to be a walkthrough for them. Sort of a glorified scrimmage to get them warmed up for Big Ten play. I think it’s admirable that Ball State took our little old football team down to Bloomington to let the Hoosiers warm up against us. I mean, we’re no Murray State or Western Kentucky, but I’m glad that IU threw us a bone and let us step on the field with them. Sort of like the ESPN “My Wish” segments where the retarded kid gets to meet his idols. We should be honored. We should bow to their impressive standard of Hoosier State mediocrity.

As I have been informed, this isn’t a rivalry game for Indiana. In fact, it’s no different than playing any of the other tune up games they’ve played. This is simply a game to get a W, and then move along to the “real competition” of the Big 10. Apparently “real competition” means getting your ass knocked around and finishing in the bottom half of the conference. Noted.

The Basics:
Ball State University Cardinals:
Location: Muncie, IN
Record: 3-0 (1-0 MAC)
Last Week: W vs. Akron 41-24

Indiana University Hoosiers:
Location: Bloomington, IN
Record: 2-0 (0-0 Big 10)
Last Week: W vs. Murray State 45-3 (Sep. 6)

Offense: To call this game “offensively centered” would be like calling Pearl Harbor a “sort of underhanded attack”. Both teams come into the game with high powered offenses, playmakers all over the field, and the ability to shift gears when needed based on the balance of each team. IU brings a mobile quarterback, very different than Ball State. Junior Kellen Lewis is a severe threat to the chances of winning this game, as he can throw the ball, run the ball, and according to some IU fans, feed the masses at Memorial Stadium with just three fish and a loaf of bread. He also rolls an amazingly tight spliff from intelligence I’ve gathered.

IU also brings an outside rushing threat in Marcus Thigpen. The 5-9 senior has amazing speed and when he gets to the outside and turns the corner he’s dangerous as evidenced by his 100-yard game against Murray State. Gone for the Hoosiers is big play wideout James Hardy, who torched the Cardinals for 116 yards and 2 scores on 8 catches last year. The Hoosiers have gained at least 450 yards in each of their last two games.

When BSU has the ball, it’s the Nate Show live on location in Bloomington. Through the air, the Cardinals are one of the best in the nation, with receiver Dante Love. Davis is accurate and has yet to have a game under 300 yards this season. Overlooked in this offensive attack is MiQuale Lewis, a tough back who has increased production every game this season with his season-high 154 yards last week against Akron.
Advantage: By a small margin, but against an equal defense, I give BSU the edge.

Defense: Indiana comes to the game with an outstanding front 7 and a good secondary. Their weakness, if they have one, is the corner spot. Additionally, safety Austin Thomas is questionable to play. His running mate in the secondary is Nick Polk, who was signed to the program as a receiver. Polk is hard-hitting, fast, and has great hands. He’ll largely be counted on to cover TE Darius Hill’s routes across the middle or Dante Love’s deep threats.

The defensive line is paced by ends Jammie Kirlew and Greg Middleton. The key matchup will be Indiana’s defensive line against BSU’s O-line. If they can win the battle up front, pressure Davis into mistakes, and not let him sit back and pick apart the secondary, then Indiana will be very successful.

Ball State comes to the Indiana game with a bit of a chip on its defensive shoulder. Though three games into the season, BSU has only played a traditional D-1 offense one time against Akron. Their first game against Northeastern was 1-AA and Navy brings with it a triple option attack. Against the Zips, the Cardinals were serviceable but not outstanding. They allowed 299 through the air and 119 on the ground, but almost 5 yards per carry on rushing attempts.

The front 7 is of great concern against an IU offensive line that is Big 10 quality. The good news for the BSU defense is IU is replacing three senior starters from that offensive line. The O-line for Indiana appears to be improving, giving up 2 sacks in the season opener to WKU and none the following week against Murray State. The defense doesn’t need a herculean effort here, but it does need to perform well enough to not put the offense in holes. I am impressed by the ability of the defense to perform better against a team the second time they see them. The Navy game was a great example of knowing a team better and performing better against them the following year.
Advantage: The margin is reduced by the injury to safety Austin Thomas but IU does have the edge.

Coaching: Bill Lynch. Brady Hoke. Do we really need to continue? Lynch has had talent at IU unlike Hoke had when he started at BSU thanks largely to Terry Hoeppner’s ability to recruit to Indiana and Lynch’s inability to recruit in Muncie. On a sheer x’s and o’s standpoint, it’s probably a push, but the simple fact that Lynch has a head coaching job anywhere after the trainwreck of his Ball State is laughable. Their both changing directions in their programs. The difference is Hoke is turning the corner to be a better football team. Lynch will simply fiddle on while the Titanic sinks around him.
Advantage: As evidenced by the fact that some IU fans are saying Hoke should be considered when Lynch inevitably leaves.

Intangibles: It’s a respect game for both programs. Ball State is looking for respect from their in-state BCS brethren. The fans of IU have overlooked the program, insulted the school, and acted like this game is completely insignificant to the IU fanbase. It’s just another game to them. Thankfully, games are not played on fansites.

For Indiana it’s a game to get respect from the national media who seem smitten with Ball State. They’re getting votes in both Top 25 polls. ESPN is writing columns about the Cardinals. No one, aside from their fans and team, is talking about IU. The arguments against their weak schedule, perennial drubbings from Big 10 opponents, and a general lack of respect amongst the media have given IU material for motivation should they choose to use it.

Normally the crowd and a game at night is a significant advantage for the home team. But let’s be realistic… this is Indiana. I’ve been to games at Memorial Stadium and usually the only large crowds are brought with them by Michigan, Ohio State, or Kentucky.
Advantage: Push

Indiana University:

Indiana doesn’t have a mascot for their Hoosier team names. So we get Coach Dale. In all his player punching rage. Woody Hayes says, “Good choice.”

Ball State:

Charlie Cardinal. Bird of the people.
Advantage: Cardinals aren’t the fiercest birds around, but damn it we have a mascot. What sort of communist school doesn’t have a mascot?! If the teams go by Hoosiers, then just pick an Indiana resident to walk around and high five people. This is fifth grade shit.

Overall: I am a firm believer that flipping a coin will have just as good a chance as predicting the winner of this game than rational thought. The turning point in this game may very well be a key turnover, a defensive touchdown, or a special teams play. For the IU fans thinking Nate Davis and co. are going to be shut down by the IU defense, dream on. For the Cardinals fans expecting Ball State to walk out with a 20-point win, dream on. It’s going to be an exciting game and one that will most likely come down to the wire. IU is a team to watch, who is capable of beating anyone. They are also not good enough to overlook anyone either. I’ll root for them the rest of the year, but come Saturday, it’s hate. Epic, massive, gargantuan. A supersize hate burger with a side of hate fries and a Hatorade to wash it all down. Game on. Hatehatehatehate.

Ball State 42
Indiana 38

Life on the Edge: IU Hate Week Edition

Most of you know Edge as the roving correspondent for our OTP Muncie bureau. He brings delight and joy to the masses with his Rock & Roll Report Cards after Ball State games which he decides to rock out at in person. In an effort to ensure your Awesome Quotient, or AQ as we like to call it, increases on a weekly basis, Edge offers insight into the Cards’ upcoming opponent as well. This week’s edition? Indiana. Hate Week. Hatehatehatehatehate.

Life On The Edge:IU Hate Week Edition

I think if John Lennon were alive, he’d stage a week-long peace demonstration in bed if he could read some of the vitriol being passed back and forth between Ball State and IU fans. It’s starting to get nasty, and who couldn’t understand? I mean, it is IU Hate Week at OTP (Ed. note: hatehatehatehate). Maybe Lennon wouldn’t waste his time with this argument. I don’t even know why we have to waste our time with this argument. Let’s have a talk…

Rivals.com message boards are always fun to peruse. It’s like watching a comedian go back and forth with a witty audience member. It’s entertaining, like most boards. But when the comedian turns to you and rips on your sweater your mom made for you, it’s not funny anymore. The gloves have to come off.

So here we have some arrogant IU fans — you know the type — who claim their team will make history by defeating Ball State. Puh-lease. This is like me bragging about beating my 2-year-old daughter at Guitar Hero. We all know Ball State is the red-headed stepchild of Indiana collegiate athletics (whereas Purdue is the uncle in jail for misconduct with a minor). We are constantly embarassed by our athletics, most recently the racist Ronnie Thompson. I don’t even want to get started, but just hear me when I say BSU alum are used to being let down.

But what about IU? Well, you have Bill Lynch. There. We’re even.

Yes, IU was in a bowl last year (loss). Yes, IU had a 7-5 season. Were any of these kids Lynch’s recruits? Didn’t IU have a lot of “let’s win this one for the ol’ Gipper” in them last year?

Don’t get me wrong. Bill is a nice guy. I’ve never heard anyone outside of the football community utter a negative word about him off the field. And his lack of success at Ball State is debatable, I won’t lie. Poor facilities, poor alumni support, and poor choice of assistants = Letterman fodder.

But come on — the guy is the Michael Scott of Indiana football. It’s hard to say a bad thing about the guy because he is so genuine, but it’s also hard to overlook the fact that he just might not be that good at his job. Time will tell, but if I’m a betting man, my money’s not on Lynch succeeding past this year.

Here’s the deal: neither Ball State or IU have faced their real challenges yet this year. In around 48 hours, forget about the midterms. Forget about the warm-up gigs. Forget about the hood rats. It’s go-time.

My money is on the Cardinals. That’s mostly an indication of my allegiance. Do I think IU can win? Yes. Either team could to be honest. There’s a good chance that this game will be tight most of the day. And in the end, it may come down to turnovers, penalties, and special teams. Whichever team controls those three elements will win.

As a side note, I was told by a former IU defensive back that Ball State only runs 3 or 4 plays in any given situation (such as 3rd and short, 3rd and long, etc.). He said they had the most tendencies of any team he ever faced and that the defense should be able to tame the Cards easily. I’ll take his word for it, so this is the one thing that scares me. IU — I think you have the edge in this game.

Then again, you have Bill Lynch.

The Hoosier Report Visits IU Hate Week

In an effort to get the down and dirty on Indiana University, OTP decided to chat with bloggers that cover Indiana. Today’s edition is courtesy of John from The Hoosier Report. It’s a fantastic site, and for the Indiana fans who read this one and not that one as well, you’re missing out. This week, hate the Hoosiers, love the Hoosier Report.

This is the set of questions we posed to John. Our answers to him, reeking of unabashed homerism and unadulterated awesomeness, will be up at THR soon. Read on, Card fans, for the brain droppings of a Hoosier fan.

1.) OTP: Indiana has played Murray State and Western Kentucky, neither of which provided any real competition for the Hoosiers. How worried are you about playing a decent team, albeit a MAC school, and one who has never beaten a BCS conference team?

John, THR: I suppose I’m worried in that this is the first game that IU has a reasonable chance to lose, but I don’t think the schedule has much of an impact. Ball State transitioned from beating an overmatched Northeastern team to beating respectable Navy, for instance. I expect IU to be ready and to be full of respect for the Cardinals.
You mention Ball State’s failure to ever beat a team from a BCS conference. That makes me nervous. Ball State’s long losing streak against BCS conferences and IU’s 30-year, 20-game winning streak against the MAC seem due to end sometime soon. It’s long been my theory that IU is successful against MAC teams because IU, unlike other Big Ten teams, has been in no position to overlook MAC teams. In that sense, I think the hype from Jason Whitlock and others may be counterproductive for BSU. MAC teams are always motivated to play Big Ten teams, particularly in-state Big Ten teams, but the Hoosiers can’t help but notice all of the Ball State talk.
2.) OTP: Kellen Lewis. He’s good. What’s his weakness? What sort of teams does he struggle against?

John, THR: Lewis’s main weakness last season, particularly in the second half of the season, was fumbling. Also, this game will be his first major test without James Hardy. Ultimately, the teams that have contained him most effectively have been really physical teams such as Wisconsin and Michigan State, teams that dominate the line of scrimmage.
3.) OTP: Aside from Lewis, who are the playmakers Ball State fans need to know about?

John, THR: While it’s not a pleasant memory, I’m sure that you remember Marcus Thigpen, who got IU back in the game in 2006 by returning the second half’s opening kickoff for a touchdown. Many IU fans, including me, question whether Thigpen is capable of running between the tackles against a good team, but if he gets past the line or to the outside he is very fast and very dangerous. Bryan Payton and Demetrius McCray also get a decent number of carries.
The absence of James Hardy from this year’s receiving corps is well known, and James Bailey transferred. Still, Andrew Means and Ray Fisher return, and sophomore Terrence Turner has played a role after missing most of his freshman season with injury. Most intriguingly, Demarlo Belcher, a 6-5 freshman from Fort Wayne (sound familiar?), caught a patented Hardy fade in the end zone against WKU. While Belcher isn’t likely to replace Hardy’s production overnight, I expect him to be an important weapon in the red zone.
4.) OTP: Your coach, Bill Lynch, used to coach at Ball State. As someone who watched him run up the nation’s longest losing streak, how comfortable are you with him at the helm?

John, THR: My writing from last November shows my ambivalence about the decision to elevate Lynch. Ultimately, I think IU made the right decision, but clearly, IU almost certainly would not have hired Lynch in an ordinary coaching search. His overall record is mixed, although he did bring the Ball State program back from the abyss after the 21-game losing streak (and still has a higher BSU winning percentage than Brady Hoke, for what it’s worth). He was the most successful coach that Butler has had in the last 100 years, and had a nice year a DePauw, and led IU to its first winning season in 13 years. I don’t begrudge Ball State fans their dislike of the guy, or at least their lack of respect for his coaching ability, but his middle years at Ball State really are an outlier in his overall record. Again, I’m far from sold on the guy, and I’m not guaranteeing great things, but I think it’s a reasonable possibility that Lynch will be successful at IU.
One thing that is important to remember about 2007 is that nearly all of the pundits were predicting that Terry Hoeppner’s death would lead to a disastrous season for the Hoosiers. Instead, IU went 7-5 in the regular season and went to a bowl game. Now that it has happened, everyone credits the “Hep factor,” but virtually no one was prediciting such an effect before the 2007 season. It easily could have been a disaster, and it was far from it. Bill Lynch deserves some credit for that.
5.) OTP: What is the matchup that worries you the most? Dante Love against the secondary? MiQuale Lewis against the front 7? Kellen Lewis against the BSU linebackers?

John, THR: Despite the excellent performance of Sean Baker against Akron, I’m much more worried about Ball State’s offense than about the defense. Stopping the run, namely Miquale Lewis, is important, but he’s been outstanding over the last two years, including against Nebraska last year. That matchup could have a huge impact on this game in either direction.
6.) OTP: You can have one player from BSU switch sides. Who is it?

John, THR: I was going to say Nate Davis. I wouldn’t play him over Lewis, but he couldn’t win the game for you guys while sitting on IU’s bench. To answer the question semi-seriously, I would take Darius Hill. A big target like Hill would be in Kellen Lewis’s comfort zone and would complement IU’s able but relatively inexperienced receiving corps.

Our answers to John’s queries can be found here.

Jason Whitlock Loves Cheeseburgers, Hates Hoosiers

Legendary and larger than life (see what I did there?) columnist and sports personality Jason Whitlock has the ability to impact sports fans everywhere. He has a column in a major daily newspaper in the Kansas City Star, writes internet columns for FoxSports.com dealing with everything from race issues in athletics to Vince Young truly going Vinsane, and uses his platforms to elevate the notoriety and name recognition of one Ball State University, his alma mater.

As IU Hate Week continues, you may be asking, “Gee… I wonder what JW is going to do this week since this game is pretty large in the minds of Ball State fans?” And the sweet glorious answer is: Go on the IU Rivals.com messageboards and talk shit to Hoosier fans. The next question you would ask upon learning this is: “I wonder what his messageboard moniker would be?” That answer… even more glorious than the first:”BigSexy68“. I kid you not.

Whitlock, much like BucNasty, hates all over the place. He takes every oppurtunity to hate on a diverse array of markass marks, trickass marks, punk bitches, and skip skaps, skanks, and scallywags…hoes, heffers, he ha’s, and hulyhoos. All wearing cream and crimson.

The gem of his posts…
Have my Hinkle’s cheeseburgers ready when I get there and prepare to get embarrassed on the field”

OHHHHH!!!! Sick burn, bro. UP TOP! Infinite awesome cocktails and cheeseburgers to you, JW.

IU Hate Week…. Engage.

Thankfully, Kentucky has a bye week this week so all our focus can be on Saturday’s showdown between Ball State and That School in Bloomington. Captain Understatement says, “It’s a big one.” And it is.

The usual blog tomfoolery will abound this week, with Cardinal Roundtable with Brandon and Phil, as well as our Cardinal Preview of the Cards and Hoosiers on Friday. Also this week will be some other goodies for the IU and BSU fans to peruse and check out. All the while with the understanding that it’s hate week: the IU edition. hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate

So get ready.

Hate Week… Engage.

All your suck are belong to me