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MidSemester Progress Report

report_cardAs someone who has a little piece of sheepskin paper hanging on his wall that clearly certifies himself an “educator”, it’s about time to drop some knowledge and do some educatin’. Ask any student what they dread the most and you’ll likely get “herpes” as the answer. Ask what the 2nd most dreaded thing is and you’ll likely receive “mid-semester progress reports”. It’s really the worst day of the year if you’re like us in college, who sort of paced ourselves at the beginning and finished strong. Sort of the Usain Bolt academic finisher after we started like Artie Lange.

It’s time though to take a look at this Ball State team and give them their midsemester grades to date. In an effort to be balanced and fair, I’ve asked for a visiting professor, none other than our very own Edge to offer his grades as well. This should go well… Continue reading