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Looking for a New Poker Home? Try 888 Poker

PokerChipsIf your football days are long past you and the cleats are already hung up, then you might be interested in playing another competitive game – online poker. Sure, poker is an entirely different type of game, but it’s one where skilled players win big-time money over the long run. And one way that you can bring this internet poker dream closer to reality is by taking advantage of a good sign up offer. Assuming you’re looking for help in this matter, you should choose the 888 sign up offer, and here are a few reasons why.

1. You get $88 Free just for creating an Account – No Deposit Necessary
For those still dipping their toes in the online poker world, there’s no finer bonus than 888poker’s because you get $88 free and upfront. All you have to do is create an account at the site and you’ll receive this money, which can be used in real money cash games and tournaments. If you lose, then it’s no problem because it isn’t even your $88. But if you win, then you’ll keep building your bankroll and working towards more profits.

2. You can get Another $10 Free through the Right Affiliates
Every little bit of money helps in your beginning online poker days, which is why you’ll want to take advantage of another free $10 that’s available too. The only catch with this one is that you must sign up through the right affiliate; I signed up at 888poker through PokerStop.com and got my free $10, but there are other poker affiliates that you can get the same deal through.

3. You’ll play for a 100% Match Bonus up to $400
Once you make a deposit, you’ll be able to earn the largest portion of the 888 sign up offer – a 100% match bonus up to $400. So if you deposited $200, you’d have an opportunity to collect another $200 in bonus cash. To earn the match bonus, you must generate Bonus Points (BPs) in real money poker games. Every 10 BPs results in a bonus dollar, and it requires paying $1 in rake to get 2 BPs. In short, you’ll only need to contribute $5 rake in real money poker games to get each bonus dollar.

4. You receive 25% of your Match Reward Upfront
One final aspect of the 888poker bonus worth discussing is how you get 25% of your match bonus right away. Using the $200 deposit example again, you’d receive $50 upfront, in addition to the $88 and (possibly) $10. Do the math and that’s $144 in free money immediately – plus the ability to earn the remaining $150 of the match bonus! With everything that’s delivered upfront, it’s not hard to see why 888poker is so great for beginners.

Pigskins and Felt

bsu crowdPushing all the chips for college football

College football season is heating up, with a multitude of hungry and determined teams vying for gridiron supremacy. Much like the general football-loving populace, even the country’s finest poker players are excited to cheer for their respective teams. Whether they’re supporting their alma mater’s football squad, or simply rooting for a personal favorite, poker players will surely be following the college football season very closely.

Jeff Gross
Professional poker player Jeff Gross, who recently competed in the Partypoker Premier League VII tournament, will be rooting for two teams – the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Michigan Wolverines – for slightly different reasons. Gross actually attended and played on the soccer team of the University of South Carolina (USC) for four years. And although he still does have a strong tie to USC, he remains a hardcore fan of the Michigan Wolverines, mainly because he grew up in Ann Arbor. Interestingly enough, the 26-year-old Gross is very close and was even a former roommate of 14-time Olympic gold medal winner (and fellow University of Michigan athlete) Michael Phelps.

Phil Collins
Another USC alumnus is Phil “USCPhildo” Collins, who finished fifth in the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event, taking home $2,269,599 in the process. The hometown allegiance to the South Carolina Gamecocks extends to his wife, brother and sister-in-law, as they are all proud graduates and staunch supporters of USC.

Shannon Shorr
Traveling poker savant, former high school baseball player and notorious planner Shannon Shorr is a University of Alabama alumnus who is obviously a big fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. At just 28 years old, Shorr is widely regarded as a member of the “old guard” of poker, mainly due to his prolific success in live tournaments abroad – most of which occurred before he even reached his 21st birthday. Although his hectic globetrotting schedule leaves him with little time for anything else, Shorr has been to the three most recent BCS National Championships; incidentally, the Alabama Crimson Tide won all three of those games.

Eric Crain
Mostly remembered and well-known for his appearances on episodes of the Trump Taj Mahal’s U.S. Poker Championship, the gregarious Eric Crain was a huge fan of the X-Men during his childhood years. His favorite character was Wolverine, and of course, the University of Michigan’s mascot is the Wolverines. That seemingly childlike connection persists to this day, as Crain remains a devoted fan of the Michigan Wolverines.

Clearly, there is a strong contingent of college football fans among the ranks of professional poker players. As the college football season rolls on, every team will strive to defy the odds and lay it all on the line for their respective universities.