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Initial Liberty Thoughts

Losing to the second FCS program in two years?

Liberty played well, but this was a game that was lost by Ball State. Plain and simple, this team didn’t take advantage of LU mistakes, made plenty of their own, and yet again the fans sit and wonder how in the hell this happens year after year.

The bright spots? Sean Baker feasted tonight. He feasted long. He feasted hard. That was the SoulEater we’ve come to know and love and it was great to see. Keith Wenning appears to be the real deal, and the pass he tossed to Tori Gibson that potentially could have won the game was absolutely perfect, beautiful, and would have been a nice way to start his career had it been held onto. Alas, it wasn’t and BSU now finds themselves 1-1, staring down two Big Ten opponents, and with a whole bevy of questions about what to expect for the rest of this year. Edge will be along at some point over the next 24 hours to pop up his recap from his in person perspective, but this certainly sucks, no matter how good Liberty is.

CMU Stream of Consciousness

GRRRRR!!!! 10 Losses!!!

First of all, congrats to Central Michigan tonight. They outplayed Ball State, outhit us, outhustled us, and generally just outperformed in nearly every facet. Central Michigan was the superior team in terms of preparation, coaching, and execution. There’s no blame-the-officials sort of angst, no sole recipient of blame, no excuses. Not tonight.

The Cardinal offense at times tonight looked good, efficient, and capable. But just as frequently, the offense had strange play calls, critical turnovers, couldn’t convert third (or fourth) downs and couldn’t capitalize on the rare times when CMU was backpedaling. But let’s be honest… we sort of knew that was going to happen.

On defense, the Cards struggled mightily at times but at others performed admirably. The goalline stop? Impressive to say the least. The blown assignments, over pursuit, missed tackles, and inability to pressure or disrupt Dan LeFevour in any meaningful way? Not so impressive. But let’s be honest… we sort of know that was going to happen as well.

There were certainly bright spots throughout the night, like Corey Sykes’ impressive rushing performance or Davyd Jones’ hits and hustle, but overall, this game was disappointing no matter how you evaluate it. The people I feel worst about? The seniors. On their night, their final home game, they are treated to a 30-point loss in awful weather in front of an overwhelmingly empty stadium. They all deserve better than that.

Perhaps the largest bright spot is the constant reminder that while tonight was senior night, and players are in their final games as Cardinals, the returning pieces coming back next season are impressive. Let’s just hope that these “experiences” are not repeated.

So, congrats to Central Michigan on their 7th MAC win this season. They earned the win tonight and if they don’t end up 8-0 in the MAC, I will be shocked. More tomorrow on this one, but for now, it’s time to find something wet and high proof to wash down loss #10.