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Cardinal Liveblog: GMAC Bowl Edition

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living

I don’t need to fight
To prove I’m right
I don’t need to be forgiven

Don’t cry
Don’t raise your eye
It’s only Cardinal Liveblog!

Tonight. 7:30 or so. Comment and relish in the Ball State-ness of Tuesday night football. What else are you going to do? Work? Raise a family? Right….

BSU Press Conference Scheduled, Liveblog Ensues

Comedy and humor aside, an actual press conference will take place today at 5:30 in the Alumni Center to, according to the release, “discuss the future of the Ball State football program”.

Folks should be able to watch the presser live from BallStateSports.com, or they can follow along with the usual cast of characters here in a Liveblog! Because announcements like this deserve a Liveblog of the Livebloggiest order.

(Ed. Note: We’re still holding out hope for RV or Knute Rockne’s corpse.)

Get it on!

Cardinal Liveblog: Directional Michigan

Liveblog cancelled due to lack of attention. And I’m an attention whore. Everyone seemed to be at this game, as there is a crap load of people in Muncie tonight. Go Cards!

Cardinal Liveblog: Central Michigan

It’s a good site… covers the Cardinals
Loves Coach Hoke… and his QB too.
It’s a good site… crazy ’bout Dante
Loves Orsbon and Darius too.

It’s a long day… up in Mt. Pleasant
There’s a MiQuale… runnin’ through the holes
Nate’s a badass… droppin’ three hundy
Sean’s a badass… eatin’ people’s souls

And we’re Live…. LiveBloggin’
Yeah we’re Live…. LiveBloggin’!

6:30 PM this little thing known as a LiveBlog gets crackin’. Grab a snack, maybe a frosty beverage, hell… boot some black tar heroin for all I care. Just bring your A game.

Ball State-Miami Liveblog

It’s Gameday!!! And that means it’s time for another Cardinal Liveblog! Join us here at OTP at around 6:30 as we get ready for the RedHawks and Cardinals on ESPN 2. You can follow along with the action, discuss the game with your fellow Cardinal or RedHawk fans, and vote in the OTP Liveblog player of the game poll. There will be some other goodies throughout the night, and the Liveblog is a totally interactive experience. So come on back at 6:30 and get your game on…

Cardinal Liveblog: Northern Illinois

It’s gameday here in Muncie and the campus is abuzz with excitement. Alan will be at the game tonight, but RV will be here faithfully running our Liveblog on the game. Follow along with the ESPN2 telecast and come here to chat it up with fellow Cardinal fans and get sideline reports from Alan. See you all tonight around 7!

Cardinal Liveblog: Western Kentucky

Happy Saturday all!

As we get settled in for what promises to be a great Saturday in the football world, it’s time once again for a Cardinal Liveblog, tonight’s edition for the Western Kentucky game. We should be rolling around 6:30 or so, so come on back and yak it up with Cardinal fans from around the globe.

Ball State vs. Toledo Liveblog

Come on back at around 6 on Saturday for a little Livebloggin’ goodness. Help select the OTP player of the game, as well as be able to follow all the action in case you don’t have access to the BSU Sports telecast. See you all Saturday

Ball State-Indiana LiveBlog

So we’ve got the Ball State Cardinals kicking off at 7pm Saturday against the Indiana Hoosiers. Come on back to get your LiveBlog on with Ball State fans around the globe. hatehatehatehate.

You can sign up for an email reminder in the box below.

Akron-Ball State LiveBlog

So we’ve got the Ball State Cardinals kicking off at 1pm Saturday against the Akron Zips. Come on back to get your LiveBlog on with Ball State fans around the globe.