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Week 14 Draft Blogpoll Ballot

Last one of the season before the post bowl finale.

Games watched this week: Louisville/Rutgers, Alabama/Georgia, Kent/NIU, Kansas State/Texas, Oklahoma/TCU


Week 13 Blogpoll Draft Ballot

Some things to note about this ballot:

  • No movement in the top 11 thanks largely to those teams winning the games they should. Realistically, you could switch Ohio State and Alabama and be just as correct. Same for teams 4-8 and hen 9-11. It’s the fundamentally flawed reality of polls, and since it’s subjective and wrong to begin with, we might as well use last week’s slottings as the jump off point for this week’s errors.
  • Florida State and Clemson only drop two based more so on who beat them. I still think they are two of the best 15 teams in the nation and a notch above those below them. Plus, losing to Florida and South Carolina isn’t shameful.
  • UCLA would have dropped the same amount had NIU and Kent State not been worthy of jumping them.
  • Louisville and Oregon State were the two teams I struggled with this week. Their ranking is a combination of their body of work and more importantly, no one outside the top 25 worthy of getting in.
  • Ball State is in this week at #22, and I actually dropped them down from #20 to try and account for my self-admitted bias.

Games watched this week: Ball State/Miami, Louisville/UConn, Notre Dame/SC, South Carolina/Clemson, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State, Oregon/Oregon State, Alabama/Auburn, Ohio State/Michigan, Florida/Florida State, Georgia/Georgia Tech

Week 12 Blogpoll Draft Ballot

Games watched this week: UK/Samford, ND/Wake, Oklahoma/WVU, Oregon/Stanford, KState/Baylor, USC/UCLA, Tennessee/Vandy, Ohio St/Wisconsin, Ball State/Ohio

Week 11 Blogpoll Ballot Draft

Some things to note…

  • Yes, I’ve ranked ND #1, but that’s more so out of respect for their schedule than whether or not I think they would beat Oregon on a neutral field. In truth, the Irish and Ducks are 1A and 1B for me, but I can’t rank that way in the poll.
  • Ohio State was left off of last week’s ballot for some unknown reason (read: my stupidity and non-attention to detail). That’s been corrected in this week’s. That sort of throws the numbers off below there. I’m sure you’ll deal with it.
  • Kent State and BSU are waiting in the wings. GO MAC!
  • Games watched this week: Ball State/Toledo, Florida State/VA Tech, Louisville/Syracuse, Texas A&M/Alabama, KState/TCU, Oregon/Cal, Notre Dame/BC, Washington State/UCLA, Northwestern/Michigan, Wisconsin/Indiana, Vandy/Ole Miss

Tear it to shreds in the comment section if I missed something or something seems off.

Week 10 Blogpoll Ballot

Games watched this week: Notre Dame/Pitt, USC/Oregon, Kentucky/Vandy, Texas/TexasTech, OklahomaState/KansasState, Alabama/LSU

Week Six Blogpoll Ballot

It’s a poopshow. I know this. Where to put Clemson in regards to Florida State is just one of the dozen or so things that leave me scratching my head.

Games watched this week: USC-Utah, Pitt-Syracuse, Kentucky-Mississippi State, Ball State-NIU, Ohio State-Nebraska, Indiana-Michigan State, Michigan-Purdue, Florida-LSU, Oregon-Washington, West Virginia-Texas, South Carolina-Georgia, Florida State-NC State

Blogpoll Week 5 Ballot

Games watched this week: A little light on this front. Ball State-Kent State, Kentucky-South Carolina, Penn State-Illinois, Texas-Oklahoma State, Stanford-Washington, Louisville-Southern Miss

Week 4 Blogpoll Ballot

Games watched this week: Kent State-Buffalo, Boise State-BYU, Baylor-ULM, Central Michigan-Iowa, Ball State-South Florida, Kentucky-Florida, North Carolina-East Carolina, Penn State-Temple, Rutgers-Arkansas, Notre Dame-Michigan, Florida State-Clemson, Kansas State-Oklahoma, Oregon-Arizona

Week 3 Blogpoll Ballot

Couple small little housekeeping things before we officially close out IU and then move on to South Florida. For example, this week’s Blogpoll ballot.

Comment in the comment section should you have significant problems with something above.

Week 1 Blogpoll Ballot

It’s week one. There are unknowns, errors, and omissions I’m sure. Yes, BSU is #25. No, I’m not being a homer. I’m telling you right now, this team is going to do something special this year.

Rip it to shreds in the comment section. Give me a starting point for week 2.