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Creating the Perfect Man Cave for the Football Season


Not that kind of cave

A man cave is an area where you can be yourself, either alone or with a couple of your absolute best friends. With no women allowed, it is an area where your favorite sport can air 24/7 if you like, and its sole purpose is to make you feel as relaxed as possible. As well as a top-quality TV, the only furnishings required will be chairs, a sofa, a table, and the accessories you need for your comfort and enjoyment.

Beginning with the decor, you will probably want to keep the walls of your man cave plain and dark so that the game can be showcased in all its glory. Thus, lights should be adjustable so you can dim them when you want to. The most important feature (and the one on which you will want to invest the most time and money) is the TV. Ideally, the man cave will be in the basement or a room or area of the house that is shut off from everybody else, free from outside interference.

The size and decor of the room will influence the size of the TV that you buy. Choose as big a screen as you can afford, or alternatively a high-quality projector screen, so you feel like you are actually in the game. It is recommended that if you are going to be seated about nine feet away, the TV screen should be 60, 65 or 70 inches, but you might want to choose a much larger screen. It really depends on the type of TV, as well as budget and personal choice. The acoustics are almost as important, so invest in the best surround system you can afford.

Your room must be warm enough in winter, cool enough in summer, and have adequate ventilation from at least one window, if possible. You need to be able to block out the light from windows and wooden shutters are perfect for this because they can be adjusted according to the angle of the sun. You will need to prevent glare and reflections from ruining your viewing experience. Shutters are neat, clean and neutral looking, easy to fit with no fussy tiebacks or curtain rails, and take up the minimal amount of space.

Easy to clean furniture and flooring, in case of spilled drinks, will need to be as comfortable as possible and you need to include enough seats to accommodate any guests you invite. You might also want a table and a means of putting your feet up, such as a footstool or an ottoman, which is also handy for storage. Add your gaming console and DVDs if you want to. The ultimate man cave will have a pool table, jukebox or even use old car parts to make quirky furnishings.

Finally, complete your man cave with gadgets, accessories and any other final touches. Decorate the walls with sports memorabilia, framed shirts, or vintage sport photographs. Add a fridge or cabinet for drinks, an espresso machine, your favorite snacks, and – of course – the best sports package available from your cable provider.

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