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Jeremy Piven Wants Ball State News and Notes

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Jeremy Piven attends the GQ Men of the Year awards at The Royal Opera House on September 3, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)Well hello there, friends. Doing well? What’s that? You were worried about us? Well bless your heart. Yes, it’s been a while since we blasted some Cardinal news all over you, but real life does sometimes take priority. Plus, it was the offseason. Throw in a promotion for me and a move, and blogging did take a bit of a backseat. But, it’s the end of July and that means football is right around the corner and time once again to fire up the OTP war wagon. Don’t worry you beautiful babies, we’ll never leave you again.

Today is a day for celebration and not just because we’re back. Oh no. It’s the day of birth of one Jeremy Piven. Name me another actor that is loved by such different sects of society for such different roles. The burnouts love him for PCU. The alpha bros love him for Ari Gold and Entourage. Your girlfriend loves him for Serendipity. You mom loves him for that weird British show on PBS. That’s what I call versatility. He turns 50 today. His hair plugs are much younger.

Part of why I don’t feel such crushing guilt about our hiatus is that news out of Muncie has been rather slow over the last month or so. There’s some news so let’s get to it, then let’s chat about what you have to look forward to mmmkay?

NewsNotesLogo Your football Cardinals open fall camp on August 5. We’ll have a complete schedule upcoming but in case you want to camp out and/or tailgate, plan ahead. Also, plan on catching the MAC’s Media Day on July 29 streamed on ESPN3. Jacob Richard, Darnell Smith, and CPL will be your BSU reps.

NewsNotesLogo The article posted on the site for the last month or so was that of Keith Wenning getting released from Baltimore. That’s old news as Wenning has since signed a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. There are four QBs on the Cincy roster, so there’s work to do, but Wenning has a shot. Plus he’s out of Baltimore. I used to live there. Keith should be glad he’s gone.

NewsNotesLogo Our Hoop Cards are heading to the Bahamas on August 3 for a five-day trip to bond, play some ball, and prepare for the coming season. Call me crazy, but I am very much looking forward to this basketball season and what it holds for BSU. Last season, Kentucky went to the Bahamas and then damn near went undefeated. Mark your calendars now for a BSU Final 4.

NewsNotesLogo In new head coach news, Megan Ciolli Bartlett has been named the new softball coach at BSU, replacing Tyra Perry. Let’s hope the Notre Dame grad can have the success of Perry.

NewsNotesLogo Ball State soccer coach Craig Roberts is leading the Haiti Under 17 team through the 2016 World Cup qualifying process. They are through the first round so get excited! #TeamHaiti

So that’s the high points of what’s been. What’s still ahead? Glad you asked. We’ve got game previews, some depth charting, opponent comedy, some killer drone footage… all in a days work for your faithful BSU athletics servants. Buckle up, kiddies, because fall is right around the corner and we’re coming in hot.

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