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Watch Out: NCAAB March Madness Is About To Run Wild with Mybookie

NCAA LogoThe month of madness is just a few days away, and already we are sensing a most exciting season coming up. For those of you who do not know what the March Madness is all about – what a pity – it is the annual basketball tournament held every spring in the United States. Get to know the NCAAB March Madness Contest, it currently pits 68 college basketball teams against each other, and starts on the second week of March ending by the first week of April and Mybookie.ag is your window to it all.

Cream of the Crop
As in all annual tournaments, there are national favorite teams that dominate the playing field. For years, these teams have shown professional playing prowess and determination to win the game and take home the national pride:

UCLA Bruins
Founded in 1920, UCLA Bruins boasts of 11 Division I NCAA Championships, giving them the record of the most championships. Its unforgettable coach, John Wooden, won the team 10 national titles in just 12 seasons from 1964 to 1975. Right now, with its coach Steve Alford, we are yet to see if the Bruins still have what it takes to bring home the victory.

Kentucky Wildcats
One of the strongest college basketball teams we have is the Wildcats, proud of its record of most all-time wins (2167) and second to UCLA’s record of NCAA championships (8 titles). It holds the record of the most Sweet Sixteen appearances (40) and Elite Eight appearances (35). With its vast history of victory as well as prestige, will the Wildcats grab the championship this year?

Connecticut Huskies
The NCAA champion last year, the Uconn has in its sleeves four NCAA championships, seven Big East Tournament Championships, and ten Big East regular season titles. Uconn is the home of professional basketballs like Ray Allen. Kemba Walker, Jeremy Lamb, Richard Hamilton, and a lot more.

How the March Madness Bracket Works
The NCAAB March Madness works through a single-elimination system called the March Madness Bracket. First, thousands of teams undergo a selection process which comes up with a final list of 68 qualified teams. These 68 teams are then grouped into four regions ((East, South, Midwest, and West) and arranged in a single-elimination bracket system. The bracket system predetermines which team, upon winning the game, will face next.

Then each team is ranked, or most commonly termed as “seeded”, within its region. When the College Basketball Bracket is done, we now have lower-ranked teams and higher-ranked teams. The tournament advances by pitting lower-ranked teams against the higher-ranked ones, with three quarters of the teams eliminated every weekend. From Division level, the tournament advances to Regional and on to the National Level.

The game progresses as such until it reaches the last weekend of the Tournament of the Final Four. The final four teams, one from each region, face off in one location for the national championship. Here is where the most awaited moment happens.

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush we get from watching our favorite teams play in the field, and the extreme euphoria from seeing our team bag the title. Will your best bet make it to the championship? Do not miss out!


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