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Pending 2015 NFL Draft

nfl-logoThe offseason has arrived for all but four NFL teams, and most are seeking to obtain more power and finesse to their band of players. April will be here before we know it, and the pending 2015 NFL Draft projection highlights the top priorities for the teams. The best options for the 32 first-round picks have analysts weighing pro and cons for players and teams.

The top pick for Tampa Bay would be Quarterback Jameis Winston of Florida State. Tampa took a chance and failed with Josh McCown, and with Winston’s place in the 2015 draft, he will be considered alongside Marcus Mariota of Oregon, who may have less efficiency in quickly navigating the field. Whereas Mariota makes more effective and intelligent passes, Winston has accuracy and stamina well into his games. Tampa is in desperate need of a stronger offensive line and defensive back, but their quarterback strength is also weak, so Mariota and Winston should be high on their list.

The Tennessee Titans could also have their sights on Mariota, as they also need a good quarterback, but Randy Gregory of Nebraska might be a higher priority. Gregory has the potential to be one of the greatest pass-rushers in the league if the Titans can get a hold of him. The team has loads of holes to plug, including a stronger defensive back, pass rusher, and wide receiver.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are also in bad shape, and require an offensive line, cornerback, wide receiver, and running back. Leonard Floyd is not out of the question for them, as the linebacker could help stabilize the Jaguars’ defense. Floyd helped the Georgia Bulldogs as their top pass-rusher, with six sacks and 17 quarterback hurries. If he is still available once the draft gets underway, the Jaguars should pounce on him.

The Washington Redskins had a flop with quarterback Robert Griffin III, and could benefit from Mariota, despite his setbacks. With the Redskins’ DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris, and Pierre Garcon, Mariota could quickly learn the ropes of good offense. The team also needs to amp-up their defensive back and pass rusher positions.

The New York Jets recently took on Todd Bowles as head coach, and may not need to focus entirely on defense, yet draft-pick Vic Beasley could be what the team needs in terms of edge pass-rushing. Speaking of pass-rushers, Shane Ray of Missouri should be attracting the attention of the Chicago Bears, who exhibited troublesome defense in the 2014 season. Both the Jets and the Bears need a superb quarterback and offensive line.

Edge-rushers abound in the top-10 draft picks, with the Atlanta Falcons eyeing Dante Fowler, Jr. of Florida. He is tall and solidly built, and showed his swiftness and power in the 2014 college football season. Fowler is one part of the puzzle as the team seeks to repair its tight end, offensive line, and defensive back as well.

As twenty-eight NFL teams keep their eyes on their favorite draft picks, the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks all vie for that Super Bowl trophy. Review the Super Bowl XLIX odds, picks, and betting analysis at betonsports.com


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