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Creating the Ultimate Super Bowl Party Room

nfl-logoThe culmination of football season in America, the Super Bowl has become an iconic event that brings family and friends together for food and fun, year after year. No matter who your favorite team is, or even if they have made it to this ultimate football contest, any true football fan will eagerly look forward to watching the game, critiquing the impressive debut commercials and enjoying the delicious foods and drinks that are a part of every Super Bowl party.

Planning your Super Bowl party
Planning a Super Bowl party goes beyond food and decorating; it also includes planning how you will watch the game and arranging the room for the best viewing.

If you are having even a modest-sized group of family and friends over for your Super Bowl party, you will want to ensure that everyone is able to sit comfortably and watch the game clearly. The advent of flat screen televisions has made setting up a good viewing experience simple; by mounting the television on the wall, you can raise the viewing area enough for everyone to see. Arranging the furniture can help to set up seating areas; a sofa set flanked by a comfortable recliner or lounging chair is a good start, followed by some lower seating in front such as beanbag chairs or floor pillows. This allows people in any seat to see the television screen over or around the heads of the people in front of them.

Besides the television, you will want to make sure that the sound setup is superior. Audio systems that include multiple speakers, or perhaps a sound bar system can help to boost the quality and dispersion of the sound from the television more effectively, allowing everyone to hear the game and commercials clearly and really experience it all more fully.

Once the room is arranged and ready, you can begin decorating. Super Bowl party decorations, including table coverings, napkins, cups and dishes, are all readily available in stores as the big day approaches. Add in decorations that bring in the emblems and colors of the two competing teams as well. You could even include replica helmets as the centerpieces for the buffet table.

A buffet is the best way to serve up snacks and Super Bowl fare on game day. Most of your guests will be looking for foods that are quick to eat and easy to handle so that they can enjoy them while watching the game. Buffalo-style chicken wings are a well-known favorite, along with a variety of traditional and unusual dips and spreads for crackers, bread or tortilla chips. Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, tacos and chili are more popular Super Bowl foods. Guacamole and salsa frequently make an appearance. You can also customize the menu based on family favorites. Drinks include non-alcoholic, such as soda, and alcoholic, especially beer and wine coolers.

Preparing your party space for the Super Bowl, from arranging the seating to checking the sound to cooking up treats for game time, is as enjoyable as watching the game itself. The Super Bowl is an annual event not to be missed, and by keeping these tips in mind, you can ensure that your Super Bowl party will be an unforgettable event.

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