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Meet Your New Starting Cardinal Quarterback

Suffice to say the offense this season has been neither what it once was nor what we all wanted it to be. On Tuesday, Coach Pete Lembo released the weekly depth chart and changes are a-comin’ in the Cardinal backfield. Gone from QB1 is Ozzie Mann, replaced by redshirt freshman Jack Milas. Those close to the program and in a position to know say that Milas was competitive for the QB1 job all spring and some were surprised this change wasn’t made sooner.

Aside from being the new starter for Ball State, Milas was also featured in 2013’s Day In the Life series from Sportslink. Worth a watch to put some personality with the name. Go ahead… I’ll wait.

I can only hope this doesn’t cause a rift in the future poppy seed muffin evaluations from Mann and Milas. The thing I notice most in that video is that Milas has an intangible amount of personality that almost is sort of a swagger. I don’t see him getting lost in the position or it being too big for him. The great ones have that in spades.

For me, it ultimately comes down to results. When BSU is 11th in the MAC in passing offense, that’s a problem. Is Milas going to come in, set the world on fire, and win the MAC? Who knows. But this does give me some hope for the rest of 2014. Jack Milas… you’re up.


4 Responses

  1. Nice read. Cant wait until Saturday (again)

  2. It definitely makes for a more interesting Homecoming.

  3. Ben Breiner’s article at the Star Press does a great job of explaining the thinking here… Ozzie was called on to be a game manager, similar to Wenning in ’11, but injuries/defensive struggles have made that approach untenable, and they think Milas has more upside to be creative in the position and get the ball downfield than Ozzie does at the moment.

    Two things:

    1. I love that we have a beat writer at the Star Press now who does his research and provides the fans with informative, analytical articles (good or bad) instead of sitting back and taking potshots over 20-year-old grudges. Even if it means our fearless leader here at OTP is breaking fewer scoops. BSU fans are well served by having multiple great sources of info.

    2. I love that the coaching staff has not given up on anything yet. We’ve had staffs in the past who would have thrown the season under the bus at 1-4. Pete & Co. are doing whatever they can to fix this and win.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, Papa Lou. If Ben had been around back in 07-08, OTP wouldn’t have been fired up. So while I’m glad he’s here and doing the great work he does, I’m glad he got here late to the party.

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