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Ball State-Indiana State Live Post

OTP Liveblog200So we’re going to try something  a little different here at the Pylon this week. Rather than run a liveblog that’s cumbersome and tricky to navigate, we’re going to have a rolling post, this post, that will get updated as the game goes on. If you’d like to participate, drop a comment in the comment section and join along. Reminder that your first one will have to be approved, but that won’t take more than a minute or two today. Refresh the page and the new things will show up below, but you probably already knew that.

* The drivers in New Castle are the absolute worst. I’ve driven in DC rush hour with no A/C in July and would rather do that than have to go through that town and those people ever again.

* Indiana State’s offensive line is working the Ball State defensive front. Three of their first four plays resulted in first downs. That cannot continue.
* Field goal ISU makes it 3-0 and if all their drives result in 3 instead of 7, that would just be swell.
* Big return by Eric Patterson and the Cards have 34 yards to paydirt. Short fields are a good thing today.* 6 plays later, Quake finds the end zone from a yard out. 7-3 good guys.
* Defense holds Indiana State to a three-and-out and the BSU offense can go back to work. 7:47 to go in the first quarter, BSU ball on their own 34.
* ISU does the same along with an Ozzie Football sack, BSU punts the Fighting Trees down to their own 24.
* BSU defense forces a three and out, BSU takes over after a Sycamore punt at their own 34. Someone needs to let ISU know that BSU is Punter U. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS PUNTFIGHT, TREEBROS.
* Ozzie Football had a couple of nice throws on this drive, neither of which were caught. Another drive, another BSU punt. Rushing and passing both looking a bit pedestrian.
* After a stalled ISU drive at midfield, BSU takes over at their 23. Two rushes, and it’s 1st and 10 on the 41. This Cardinal rushing attack is like good bourbon. Use it frequently enough and it’s going to work wonders.

* The first drive of the 2nd was a confounding drive. Mix of great gashing runs against stops at the line. Couple of very poor pass decisions and one beautiful ball for the TD. Such is life, I suppose, when you have a first-year starter under center.
* The Indiana State TD drive, culminating in a 25 yard TD toss, was WAY too easy. Lot of separation for the Sycamore WRs against the BSU secondary and Mike Perish is a good enough QB to take advantage of it.
* Shout out to the crowd today. Fantastic turnout.
* Big series for Ozzie Football with 2:20 to go and BSU ball on the ISU 40. Have to get points on this drive. If that happens, BSU is at minimum two scores up with the ball to open the 2nd half.
* After failing to convert the drive, the oddest of things happen. BSU muffs a miskicked punt, ISU recovers, then marches down the field where BSU is called for pass interference in the end zone. Trees follow that with a TD pass and lead at the half 17-14. Last three minutes of this half was just as bad as the last four minutes at Iowa.
* On the panic scale, I’m not like, totally freaked out. But this offense has got to move the ball in the 2nd half. It is nut-cutting time for Ozzie Football because the one-dimensional feed it to the running backs strategy isn’t a sustainable kind of thing.

* Needing a statement on the first play of the second half? Holding penalty on the return and the drive will start on the 9. Chalk up another unforced error that puts the Cardinals in a hole. Biggest reason for a three and out and the continuation of PUNT WAR 2014 after a shanked Cardinal punt gives ISU great field position at the BSU 43.
* Indiana State essentially moving the ball at will through the air. It is extremely possible that this comes down to whomever doesn’t turn the ball over down the stretch.
* I will be the first to admit that I underestimated this ISU team, but this BSU team should not be trailing an FCS squad under any circumstance or situation at home. Completely inexcusable.

* Penalties, sacks, poor throws, general ineptitude all around. Whether it’s ISU is better than expected, BSU is worse, or the matchup led to one team playing head and shoulders above the other is unknown.
* I need to go back and watch the tape, but it almost appears like the game is moving too fast for Ozzie Football. I know this is his first year starting, but this is his 3rd year in the program.
* As it stands while I write this, BSU is 69 yards away from the end zone with 3:43 to go. And for the first time in a while, I have not very much confidence this works out.
* Final in Muncie after perhaps the craziest final play since maybe Arizona State/Wisconsin


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