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We Tell You How and Why to Buy Ball State Single-Game Tickets

Ball State Scheumann Stadium

Be a part of this with 22,000 of your closest friends

I know you have most likely been consumed by the burning question of when you will be able to purchase Ball State single-game tickets for the 2014 season. Finally, that question is answered as your single-game tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10am.

Your pricing options…

  • Reserved Seat: $27
  • Adult General Admission: $17
  • Youth General Admission: $10

That’s a small increase, from $25 last year for reserved seats, $16 for general admission, and $9 for youth general admission. $27 is still a steal for the best seats in the place and the quality of football you’re watching. Sometimes that isn’t the case. Example: IU is charging $45 to buy a ticket to see them play Indiana State. Initially, I assumed that was what they were paying people to come watch that Hoosier state slapfight, but no, they’re actually charging that. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?

Ball State is also offering a three-game Flex Pack where you get to pick whichever three home games work with your schedule. That’s half of the six home games, and it’s a great bargain. Your pricing options for these tasty little treats:

  • Reserved Seats: $66
  • Adult General Admission: $42

Going the reserved seat option would save you $15 off the single-game purchase price, and the GA option would net you $9 in savings. $15 will get you a decent twelve pack of beer. $9 will get you a cheap one. I make no judgments either way. The six games you’re choosing from are Colgate (8/30), Indiana State (9/13), Western Michigan (10/11), Akron (10/25), and NIU (Wed 11/5). Choose wisely.

Of course, the real question is why you don’t already have full season tickets, but I suppose there are reasons why you couldn’t commit to coming to the Scheu for 6 Saturdays a year. Reasons like being an ER doctor, a round-the-clock caretaker for someone in a dire situation, or President of the United States would all fulfill the requirements of being “too busy”. People with young offspring milling about their life often lament their ability to do fun things like day drink in a parking lot and go to MAC football games. But as I am prone to do, I give you solutions here at the Pylon.

If you’re childless (either by your choice or by all your dates’), buy your season tickets, 6 cases of Natty, and you are set for the football season. If you’re a parent, buy your kid a couple Dora the Explorer dvds and a playpen, then your season tickets, then 6 cases of Natty, and you’re good to go as well. (Note: I think that’s how you parent, right? -Ed.)

Your season tickets vary and are plentiful, much like the nuggets of wisdom that CPL drops on his players, his fans, and the global community.

  • VIP Chairbacks will run you $138 and there’s a limited number of these left.
  • Reserved seats are $111
  • Adult General Admission is $66
  • Youth General Admission is $39
  • The Family 4 Pack is $184 and gives you two adult and two child GA tickets to each game

You want savings? YOU GOT SAVINGS. Reserved season tickets save you $51 off the single-game price and adult and youth GA tickets save you 35% off the single-game option. The biggest deal is the Family 4 Pack that averages out to $7.67 per ticket per game, which is super cheap. But the college tuition for the two genetically similar  little people filling the youth tickets is only going to skyrocket. Pinch pennies where you can. If you want the VIP Chairbacks you’re going to have to call the ticket office at 1-888-BSU-TICKET. They’ll tell you if they have some left for you to purchase, not if you are actually a VIP. If you want that latter question answered, feel free to tweet us @OverThePylon and we’ll let you know.

Friday at 10am is when these go on sale and you’ll want to hop on over to the BSU Sports mothership to make that happen for yourself.

For those of you who like to complain about BSU’s lack of substantive upgrades and fancy indoor practice facilities, paying to put your rear end in the stadium on a weekly basis is as good a place to start as any. Sports fans in general are long on words and often short on actions, but here’s your chance to actually put your money where your complaint hole is. Those chances don’t come around all that often. Make them count.

2 Responses

  1. ” I suppose there are reasons why you couldn’t commit to coming to the Scheu for 6 Saturdays a year.”

    Yep… the fact that one of those games is on a Wednesday… 😉

  2. Oh, I’m still going out on that Saturday. Let Bill Scholl try and stop me.

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