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OTP’s Offseason Guide to Chirptastic Living

OTP Offseason Guide Logo 200It’s the offseason in BSU football land, spring athletics are just now firing up, and winter sports are still a bit away from their post season. As such, it’s time to pass on your OTP leadership’s recommendations on things you shouldn’t be living without. Between the folks that run this here site, our tastes and likes run the gamut. We pass that diversity in entertaining pursuits on to you in a little thing we like to call OTP’s Offseason Guide to Chirptastic Living, where you can take our word on things that you should promptly put in your possession. Enjoy…

Movie of the Week
The Wolf of Wall Street AmazonThe Wolf Wall Street
This past weekend saw the Hollywood elite rub shoulders, take selfies, and eat pizza a the annual Self Importance Olympics known as The Oscars. I’m sure the forces fighting for Ukraine to remain an independent country were thrilled to hear that Matthew McConaughey’s hero is himself ten years into the future just as much as a starving child in Ethiopia was totally stoked to see Ellen order $200 worth of free pizza for millionaires. I can only imagine how hungry they got having their ego stroked, and let’s be honest, those goody bags won’t carry themselves! That’s why you have the help. But don’t take my cynicism of award season to mean I am anti-Hollywood. In fact, quite the opposite. I am pro-Hollywood because it is one of the few things that can allow you to release from reality for a short time frame and just enjoy the hell out of something. That’s where this week’s movie of the week comes in. The Wolf of Wall Street is exactly what it is and nothing that it isn’t. It’s not a moralistic message passer on. It’s just good old fashioned fun. Put a great actor (DiCaprio), a halfway decent actor (Hill), and a legend (Scorcese) together and you get something that is meant to entertain without making you feel like a scumbag who does nothing for humanity in the process because you haven’t adopted Malawi children or started a club for AIDS medicine. Cynics will tell you they liked this movie better when it was called “Boiler Room”. Those people are assholes.

Book of the Week
Sycamore Row AmazonSycamore Row
I have come to the conclusion as I move through life that there are ultimately two kinds of people in the world: those that read and those that don’t. For the non-readers, there is nothing I could possible recommend here that you’d enjoy. If you think you’re in that camp then perhaps you should stick to the movies, gadgets, and games your OTP staff share with you. If you are a reader though, usually you fall in to one of two camps: those that love John Grisham and those that think he’s a hack. Self disclosure time boys and girls. I love John Grisham. I’ve probably read most every book he’s released. People that are either anti-legal book or just depressing elitist douchebags will say his writing style is too formulaic, paint by number, and predictable to count as something to celebrate. Those people are the absolute worst. My way of thinking is you find something you’re good at it, and you do it. Or in the case of the reader, you find something you enjoy and just enjoy it. Sycamore Row is just another good read in a long line of good reads. There’s enough intrigue to keep you guessing, enough non-law stuff to keep even non-counselors vested, and a quick enough pace that it’s one of those books you start in on and before you know it you’re finished with the book, you’ve grown a beard, and you’ve missed three days of work. Don’t be that guy. That guy gets fired.

Game of the Week
Settlers of Catan AmazonSettlers of Catan
When I first came across Settlers of Catan, some friends of DemonEx introduced us to it. Admittedly, their explanation along with the general nerdery left me concerned about my ability to enjoy this. I figured it was closer to Magic the Gathering than Madden, but I gave it at least an opportunity to impress, and that it did. Explaining it is actually harder to do than playing it is, but at base root, it’s a dice-based board game centered around resources and cornering the market for certain things to advance your standing among your competitors. At its most basic, it’s a bastard love child of Monopoly and Risk with resources like brick, ore, grain, lumber, and wool. Your goal is to accumulate ten victory points quicker than others from the resources you have. It’s been one of the best-selling games in the US and Germany for a while now, and it’s exceptionally easy to see once you play it. Trust me. There’s a bunch of expansion packs and add-on type things but don’t worry about those. Really, the only thing you need to enjoy this like a boss is the expansion pack that lets up to six people play. Much like RV in a hot tub, playing with three other people is enjoyable, but playing with 4 other people is where it’s at, lawya.

Gadget of the Week
GoPro Hero 3+ AmazonGoPro Hero 3+
I decided to reach out to Jason (aka Bababrewey) since his Gadget of the Week last week was our most popular. His recommendation this week may not be as economical as ice spheres, but it may just be cooler. The GoPro movement has been gaining steam all over the place, and odds are you know at least one someone who has it. If you don’t, then you need to expand your circle to people like mountain bikers, skydivers, surfers, dog owners, etc. all of whom seem to be tailor-made for the GoPro. This is high-resolution high frame rate filming that’s able to be mounted damn near anywhere, even on a helmet. According to Jason, “The GoPro Hero 3+ is perfect for everything from tailgating for the Cardinals to home movies with the kids! The GoPro Hero 3+ can do it all. Document every win for the Cardinals this year in blazing HD from your vantage point.” As a brief aside, even if you don’t have kids you can use this for home movies. You know… home movies. You know.

For each of the above, you’ll notice that we’ve also included a purchase link to Amazon.com, a site where OTP is an affiliate. By purchasing through our links, you’ll give a small little kickback to the Pylon and help keep the site afloat. If you’d like to help the site in a free way, you should check out an Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial by clicking here. It’s a great opportunity for streaming video, free express shipping, and all sorts of other goodies.


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