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Your Ball State Signing Day Tracker Live Thread

logo200What’s that? You want to keep track of the Ball State football signing day activities but don’t have the time or the luxury to crank up a webcast at your desk while you’re in class, at work, or doing some other thing? First of all, if it was me, I’d either drop out, quit, find a new job, or become a hermit. But I understand if paying your bills and/or receiving an education is of high importance. So I forgive you, for now.

However, those responsibilities shouldn’t preclude you from learning about the future Cardinals as they sign on the dotted line and fax their letters to a joyous Cardinal football staff. This post is how you stay informed with who has signed, who’s left, and some other random goings on from National Signing Day and the recruiting trail.

Who has signed their Letters of Intent:

  • S Dedrick Cromartie
  • WR Roy Denson
  • RB Darian Green
  • DT Bruce Heggie
  • WR Jordan Hogue
  • LB Jeremiah Jackson
  • DB Matthew Johnson
  • TE Garrett Johnson
  • OT Alex Joss
  • OT Malik King
  • WR Corey Lacarnia
  • S Jake McPhatter
  • QB David Morrison
  • WR Devin Reece
  • LB Damon Singleton
  • DB Quentin Turner
  • ATH Winfred Ward
  • LB Jacob White
  • DT Kevin Willis
  • WR Jalen Wyatt

Of note is that defensive tackle Bruce Heggie is transferring into Ball State from Notre Dame as a grad student with one year of eligibility left. So a new addition, though not the fresh out of high school kind.

Verbal commitments that are yet to sign their LOI:

  • None

BSU offers and where they are ending up (h/t to Andy Thorpe and BallState.scout.com for some of the info below):

  • DT Taylor Timmons: Signed with New Mexico.
  • TE David Walker: Still unsigned from everything we have access to. Offers from BSU, CMU, WMU, Cornell, Harvard. Decommitted from WMU
  • OL Matt Byrne: Signed with Indiana State
  • WR Robert Priester: Signed with Wyoming
  • WR Matthew Quarells: Signed with New Mexico
  • WR Adrian Davis: Still unsigned from everything we have access to. Offers from BSU, Florida International, Middle Tennessee, and Toledo.
  • DT Kayton Samuels: Signed with Syracuse. A 6’2″ 300lb. that BSU was locked in a battle against ‘Cuse for. Longshot since the start, but the fact that the Cards were in a battle for a recruit against an ACC team and went down to the wire for is a nice change of pace.
  • DE Adrian Rankin: Signed with Youngstown State
  • LB Logan Sedergren: Signed with Richmond
  • LB Carl Fuller: Unsigned from what we have access to. Offers from BSU, EMU, Toledo, WMU, and Syracuse
  • S Shemar Hooks: Signed with Urbana (playing QB)
  • DB Demetrius Suesberry: Unsigned from what we have access to. Offers from BSU and Akron
  • DB Darian Mills: Unsigned from what we have access to.

Random updates from the Signing Day livestream on BallStateSports that you should be watching:

  • 11:05: Justin Lustig’s beard is too manly for this webstream. I would imagine it’s responsible for at least half this class.
  • 11:28: Bill Scholl impresses me every time I hear him speak. Great representative of the program.
  • 11:35: Recruit list above updated with the latest batch of LOIs
  • 11:39: Shannon Morrison just looks like a bad bad man. I’m sure he’s a giant teddy bear, but I also would not be surprised if he eats sawdust and poops 2x4s
  • 11:46: I think it’s great to see other coaches from other sports on this signing day special. Normally I’m not a huge fan of crossing streams, but why not capitalize on a potentially bigger day of attention for an athletic program in dire need of some.
  • 11:52: Men’s volleyball head coach Joel Walton is right up there with Pete Lembo in terms of head coaches that look like they could also find all of your unknown deductibles and credits on your 1040 form as well as coach championship caliber teams.
  • 12:02: Steve Wiltfong from 24/7 Sports calls the BSU recruiting class “one of the best in the MAC”. I can dig it.
  • 12:04: Wiltfong calls Quentin Turner the biggest steal in the class and Damon Singleton a gamechanger on defense.
  • 12:06: Coach Strollo needs some mic work. Eerily reminiscent of Ricky Bobby not knowing where to put his hands during his first interview.
  • 12:20: I think Tom Davis has dropped some lbs. He must be on the CPL plan or Coach Feeley must be terrorizing him in the weight room.
  • 12:24: Darian Green getting compared already to Banks, Edwards, and Williamson? Let’s slow down, folks.
  • 12:28: Tom Davis with the News Sentinel web address drop. Nice plug, Tom.
  • 12:34: BSU sends an official press release announcing the Class of 2014. Looks like no other surprises or signees coming today. The 19 above looks to be the class in its entirety.
  • 12:40: CPL taking the mic
  • 12:41: CPL rocking a nice little 5 o’clock shadow. I’m not sure if he can ever make it to the epic face carpet that Coach Lustig was rocking today, but if that’s his goal, good luck.
  • 12:43: Maybe it’s just me, but CPL doesn’t seem his usual chipper media savvy self today. Almost seems a little perturbed. Whether something didn’t go as he thought it would this morning or perhaps he just didn’t sleep well is anyone’s guess.
  • 12:45: In case you didn’t know, tonight at 6pm at the Alumni Center is the Signing Day Reception. It’s free. The drinks are not. There’s a cash bar.
  • 12:49: Jeff Weller is so much fun to listen to. It’s almost like the wise older family friend giving sage advice around the dinner table.
  • 12:58: And that’s going to wrap it up for the BallStateSports.com mothership stream. We’ll have more on this class as the day rolls on.

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