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Where to Spend National Signing Day as a BSU Fan

What is this alien technology?! KILL IT!!!

What is this alien technology?! KILL IT!!!

Wednesday morning, two things will happen:

  1. College football fans the world over will turn their attention to a group of 17 and 18 year olds as they make the decision about where they will attend college in the fall. For some it will be tremendous fanfare type of activities with hats on tables, television cameras, and crowds. For others, it will be a simple fax to a football office much like the one at Scheumann Stadium in Muncie. Speaking of…
  2. Fax machines will get more attention tomorrow then they get any other day of the year. I am not quite sure where the fax machine in my office complex is if I needed to use it, but tomorrow, facsimile machines will be all the rage. I’m not sure why an email isn’t sufficient, but it’s the NCAA so sense and rationale have no place here.

For Ball State fans, it isn’t likely that any highlight packages or signing day coverage on the ESPN family or the major recruiting sites like Scout, Rivals, or 24/7 will feature Ball State recruits, a table full of hats, or their comings and goings. Thankfully, Ball State has you covered as they plan on blowing the roof off the MAC recruiting house by doing something no other MAC school is cranking out. Want to hear what Pete Lembo has to say about recruits? You got it. Missing the dulcet tones of Joel Godett? They’ve got you covered. Need a front row web seat in case a major recruiting surprise comes through? You know it. Want to hear Tom Davis’ hot sports takes on all things recruiting related?! YOU DON’T GET A CHOICE. TAKE YOUR TOM DAVIS AND ENJOY IT.

From the BSU release on the Signing Day festivities and how you can keep up with the Cardinals…

Ball State’s football staff will present its 2014 recruiting class Wednesday with a live web stream from the Fisher Complex and an evening reception at the Alumni Center. Both the internet show and signing day party are free to all Ball State fans.

Ball State athletics and Ball State Sports Link will provide its National Signing Day Special from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The live online web stream on http://www.ballstatesports.com will feature Jeff Weller and Luke Martin with production and taped interviews by Ball State’s Joel Godett.

Growing from the success of previous signing day web broadcasts, this year’s show will feature:

  • Multiple interviews with head coach Pete Lembo
  • Live interviews with all assistant football coaches, including new defensive coordinator Kevin Kelly and new offensive line coach John Strollo
  • An exclusive interview with early-enrollee freshman quarterback David Morrison
  • Perspective on this year’s Ball State class from 247Sports.com National Recruiting Insider Steve Wiltfong and Ball State football beat reporter from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel Tom Davis
  • Videos and brief biographies of every signed recruit
  • Up-to-minute announcements of signeesIn addition to talking to every member of the Ball State football coaching staff, interviews with head coaches from many other Ball State athletic programs will occur.

The Signing Day Celebration event will feature Ball State head football coach Pete Lembo and the remainder of the coaching staff as they present their 2014 recruiting class from the Alumni Center. This free event to the public starts at 6 p.m. With complimentary heavy hors d’oeuvres, popcorn, snack mix plus Pepsi products, water and coffee. A cash bar will also be available.

Lembo will lead a program at the Signing Day Celebration introducing each of the new recruits while the assistant coaches will add stories of the recruitment of the new Ball State Cardinal and what fans can expect from him in the future.

To view the live web stream Wednesday, log on to www.ballstatesports.com.

We have always harped on the athletic administration pre-Lembo that there wasn’t anything cool or exciting being done to put BSU on the level of the major athletic programs. This is yet another step in the right direction. I would highly advise that you pencil in some time on your work calendar to make sure you can catch this webcast. I’ve found things like “Status Meeting”, “EOY Projections”, or “Waxing” seem to facilitate the fewest questions from curious calendar onlookers. That’s assuming you able even to make it in to work at all.

From everything I’m hearing, tomorrow is going to be a ridiculous snow day in East Central Indiana as old man winter again backhands Cardinal nation. You might as well settle in with a blanket, a laptop, perhaps a mimosa or three, and get yourself educated on what may very well be one of the top 2 or 3 recruiting classes in the MAC. What else are you going to do? Go out and build a snowman with your kids? Well, TOM DAVIS > your children. It’s science. See you all around here tomorrow for the Signing Day festivities.


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