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Obligatory Super Bowl Post

nfl-logoAs you know if you’re a regular reader of OTP, we talk about the NFL approximately three weeks out of the year. It’s usually the three weeks after the college football season has concluded, which just so happens to coincide with the Super Bowl. How fortunate for us. I would argue that percentage-wise, BSU fans likely place the current version of the Denver Broncos third in terms of fandom behind Indianapolis and Cincinnati, thanks largely to Peyton Manning. So at least BSU fans have something to root for in this Super Bowl other than awesome ads or Bruno Mars falling off the halftime stage.

As you also know if you’re a regular reader of OTP, Jason and Alan from time to time (read: all the time) have been known to lay some wagers here and there on games that we otherwise would have little to no rooting interest for. The Oregon Backdoor Cover Machine this previous fall helped pay for Jason’s year anniversary gift from the site (shhh… it’s a surprise). So suffice to say, if you (like me) are a borderline NFL fan at best, the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of wagering to keep your interest in a game you care very little about. But we’ll get to that.

If you care more about the game than what the Etrade baby is going to say this year, at least (on paper) the story lines are plentiful. There’s the old best vs. best when Denver’s #1 ranked offense goes up against Seattle’s #1 ranked defense. There’s the “Richard Sherman versus Peyton” story where the colorful Sherman tries to shut down the beige Manning. There’s the sentimental story of one of the greatest QBs of all time attempting to get his second Super Bowl ring and become the first QB to win Super Bowls with two different teams. If all else fails, tune in for the weather. It’s the first outdoor Super Bowl in cold weather and we’ve all heard how Manning isn’t a big fan of frigid temps.

So if telling your children that you were witness to the first outdoor cold weather Super Bowl featuring the league’s best offense and defense with a legendary QB in the twilight of his career isn’t exciting enough for you, there’s always the ability to spice it up with some good old-fashioned gambling. The pedestrian wagers are the point spread and the total points. As of this writing, Denver is favored by 2.5, meaning a bet placed on Denver “giving the points” means Denver has to win by three or more for you to win. “Taking the points” and Seattle means a Denver win by 2, 1, or a Seattle win wins you the bet. Simple, right? The total points is even easier, where you’re wagering on both teams’ scores combined. As of now, it’s 47. Easy as can be. But the first step in deciding which way you’re leaning is to check your lines at SportsBettingOnline.ag.

You can drill those down even further by playing a spread or a total points for a half or even a quarter. But those aren’t the fun things. The fun things, and the things you really only see at the Super Bowl are what’s called the “prop bets”. Props are the side wagers that are contingent on in-game related things happening or not happening. These wacky bets can cover everything from a certain number of passing yards or touchdowns to the length of time spent singing the national anthem. It’s a way to make the game more interesting and exciting, and win some money to boot.

So whether you’re rooting for an awesome Doritos commercial, Peyton to ride off into the sunset with another ring, or some exotic wager you’ve placed on how many snowflakes will land on Roger Goodell’s coat, allow me to remind you that the Super Bowl is the last bit of football you’re going to get for 6 months or so. Cherish it. Relish it. Appreciate it before it’s gone for the offseason.


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