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BREAKING: Narduzzi Out at UConn, Flight to Muncie from CT, Lembo in Mobile

logo200Here’s what we know at this time:

  • 2:12pm: Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi has withdrawn from consideration or turned down an offer from Uconn (via)
  • 2:30pm: BSU offensive coordinator Rich Skrosky has reportedly agreed to be the next head coach at Elon  (via)
  • 3:10pm: BREAKING: There is a flight scheduled for this afternoon to Muncie, Indiana from Groton, Connecticut. Whether that is UConn related or not, I am unsure as that is a different plane than the one presumed to be used earlier for contact between Narduzzi, Lembo, and UConn. But that seems awfully coincidental. This could be UConn administrators coming to Muncie for CPL, it could be CPL coming back to Muncie from a visit to UConn, or it could be none of the above. We have learned our lesson with flights, so I make no assumptions. Nope. None. Purely coincidence.

Here’s your flight plan and information (click to make bigger):


  • 3:15pm: It has been pointed out that Groton, CT (where the above flight is originating from) is not the airport of choice, nor nearest proximity to Storrs, CT (where UConn is located). So if you’re looking for hope, that seems like as good a glimmer as any to hang on to.
  • 3:17pm: OTP can confirm that Rich Skrosky has, in fact, accepted the head coach position at Elon University. Sources with knowledge of program workings confirmed that players received a text from staff telling them to congratulate Skrosky on the new position. Likely will not be officially announced until Thursday.
  • 3:25pm: More flight-related fun, as the above plane’s point of origin before Connecticut was Greensboro, NC, where CPL had been announced to be recruiting this week. Additionally, it is departing from Muncie and heading to Wichita, KS after, so this stop could be entirely unrelated to a coaching search and a fuel stop in between departure and arrival. (h/t to Willo on BSUFans)
  • 3:29pm: Pete Lembo just tweeted the following:
    Pete TweetEither the flight referenced above has nothing to do with UConn and CPL, they’re sending people to wait at the door for him outside his house, or it truly is related and he’s simply trolling all of us with the above. At this point, and given the ridiculous crazy in this search, I’d put even money on all of the above.



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