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Black Monday Means Breath Holding for Cards Fans

logo200We’ll have some Miami close out stuff along with some bowl projections later this afternoon but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxiously checking everywhere to see who is jobless in the college football universe. It’s Black Monday and as of 10:30, only one coach has lost his job that wasn’t already known. That unlucky guy was Wyoming’s Dave Christensen and the possibility Pete Lembo leaves for Wyoming I would put at maybe .000005%. So for now, we sit and we wait.

The three programs that seem to get the most traction are UConn, Wake Forest, and UVA. All three of those programs have coaches as of this moment, so we are safe for now. My advice? Deep breaths and take your mind off it. Play some poker over at Friend of the Pylon 888 Poker in Austrailia. Maybe with big enough winnings you can cut the check to keep CPL in Muncie. Get crackin’.

I have said all along that the biggest worry for me is if large attractive jobs come open, which one already is. When you are hiring for a USC, that has the potential for many dominoes, some of which could affect the Cards. Do I think CPL jumps from BSU to USC? I do not. Do I think if USC hires a James Franklin level coach from a place like Vandy he would be more likely to get a call? I do.

In some respects, and because of the appreciation I have for CPL, I almost hope an established program in a power conference loses their coach to a marquee job. It would be a much better situation for CPL to step into than a bottom rung job. The Lembo magic would turn any program around, but I would like to see it happen at a much better starting point than he’s had before.

I am not a patient man, but that seems to be the order of the day for Cardinals fans. Patience about what jobs further up the food chain open up. Patience about our coaching staff and their future. Patience about NFL decisions from underclassmen. Patience about bowl destinations. I would say we’ll know a good majority of the above over the next week. Then let the firestorm begin.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve pretty much been circling this site, hustlebelt, and espn for news on who’s been canned and possible replacements but nothing so far. But heck, it’s still only noon.

    I don’t see Lembo leaving for a job farther west really. His niche is pretty much all in SEC country so a job in the AAC, ACC or SEC (won’t happen) seem the most likely. I don’t see him leaving for a CUSA or SBC team unless it was like Troy or ECU. Both of which are very unlikely as well.

  2. I heard the UVA payout was pretty big? Definitely seems like a possible place for Lembo. For some reason I thought CPL leaving was a foregone conclusion… I’d be ecstatic if he doesn’t get picked up and returns next year. Talk about an early Christmas present, however unlikely.

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