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BSU & Miami By the Numbers

By the Numbers200On Friday while masses of people slam themselves into each other at retail establishments to try and get a television that’s 5 percent lower on sale than usual, the Cardinals will be tucked safely in bed getting ready for their 1pm showdown against the 0-11 Miami Redhawks. It’s the definition of a trap game, as the Cards are attempting to position themselves for the best possible bowl and the Redhawks are simply trying to avoid the goose egg in the win column. They’ve already fired their coach, their last home game drew under 9,000 fans, and their starting quarterback suffered a knee injury on October 31 ending his season. Suffice to say, times in Oxford aren’t so fun right now.

The Cards come in at 9-2, looking to get to double digits and solidify their rightful place as the second best team in the MAC. That will matter come bowl season and invite time, especially if NIU crashes the BCS again. But bowls and placement within them are not the concern right now. Right now, the thrashing of the hot garbage pile from Oxford is the top priority. Let’s see what the numbers say…


BSU vs. Miami:
National Stat Rankings & Statistics
NCAA Stat BSU Miami
Scoring Offense 17th (38.7)
125th (9.4)
Rushing Offense 81st (154.3) 116th (98.3)
Passing Offense 13th (323.1) 120th (122.5)
Total Offense 21st (477.4) 125th (220.8)
Scoring Defense 58th (25.8) 102nd (33.9)
Rushing Defense 99th (199.1) 113th (230.9)
Passing Defense 76th (233.5) 96th (244.2)
Total Defense 97th (433.5) 111th (475.1)
Sacks 73rd (20.0) 112th (13.0)
Sacks Allowed 26th (14.0) 124th (45.0)
Turnover Margin 11th (+10) 63rd (+/- 0)
3rd Down Conv. % 40th (44.4%) 125th (23.0%)
Opp. 3rd Down Conv. % 73rd (40.2%) 120th (48.7%)
Red Zone Conv. % 18th (89.1%) 125th (61.1%)
Opp. Red Zone Conv. % 27th (76.5%) 29th (77.1%)
Punting 63rd (41.0) 7th (45.5)
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 7th (32.6) 15th (36.4)

So, that’s a beat down. Dead last (125th) in several categories, and only trumping the Cardinals in average yards per punt. And Lord knows Miami has had enough practice with their anemic offense this season. Games aren’t played on paper, but this is the most lopsided statistical advantage BSU has enjoyed all season long. It’s the season finale, Senior Day, and a blackout for the fans who show up. On paper, this shouldn’t be close and let’s all hope that transitions to on the field.

8 Responses

  1. So Miami by 14? over under on attendance?

  2. If Miami wins at all, I’d be exceptionally disappointed. If they win by 14 I may have to take a couple weeks off lest I type some things I would regret.

    Attendance is the $64,000 question. If I had to put an over/under on it, I’d say 7k.

  3. I’d put the O/U being closer to 10K. It won’t be rainy that day and a lot (not all) people will be done with their black friday shopping. If Miami was still able to pull that many to their game, they could bring a few of their real fans to the game since they aren’t that far from us. I’m going to guess 12,172 for attendance. I would go, but I of course have to work lol. Hazah for ESPN3!

  4. If we get 10k I’ll be shocked. And ecstatic. But mostly shocked. Hope you’re closer to right than I am.

  5. i was be facetious with the Redhawk win of course….7k would be amazing..its the holidays..nobody is there.
    now lets squash these UConn-Lembo rumors shall we?!?!

  6. I’ll be watching from the east coast, hopefully nursing a turkey / general gluttony hangover. Here’s to hoping the Cards down play down to MU’s level, and that they can get the biggest W of the season before the bowl selection begins…


  7. don’t* play down…

  8. Working on it, Bobby.

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