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Chirps From the Nest: Who is Keith Wenning?

Chirps from the Nest 200There are minimal warm and fuzzy feelings that come to mind from riding a bus for six hours each way only to stand in the arctic of Dekalb, Illinois. That being said, the Northern Illinois game really was a great one and Ball State students are very grateful for the opportunity to have gone to that game. Last Wednesday, we loaded up five charter buses and departed to Huskie Land. Students were provided the bus trip, game ticket, and two boxed dinners all free of charge thanks to generous donations to Ball State Athletics.


If we could get that exact group of people together for every single home game, our student section would have the magic of Disney World. When you put together 240 students who are willing to give up their Wednesday, stand in the freezing cold, and arrive back home at 6 in the morning, you put together a powerhouse student section. It was awesome to see home traditions carried over to NIU, such as the first down chant and crowd tossing after touchdowns. The creativity of the homemade signs were top-notch that evening, too. Jordan Lynch and Miley Cyrus anyone? I don’t think anyone is down in the dumps after that loss. NIU is a damn good team and as much as I hate to say it, Jordan Lynch is a hell of a quarterback. They outperformed us that last quarter, but we put up a heck of a fight all game. Our team is one to be respected. That being said, how come students at Ball State don’t know who is Keith Wenning? Check out this video of Keith Wenning interviewing students about none other than Keith Wenning.

As much as I love Ball State Football, it really sucks going to games at this time of the year. Midwest weather takes 90% of the fun out of the MACtion for me.  So what MACtion does work with Midwest weather? Basketball.

After watching the Cardinals at home a couple of times, I’m getting really optimistic about the season. It’s encouraging to see freshmen like Zavier Turner, Quinten Payne, Franko House, and Mark Alstork making such a huge presence on the court this early in the season. Zavier Turner has Freshman of the Year potential written all over him. He put up a tasty 19 points at the game on Monday against Southeast Missouri. Also putting up 19 points was senior Jesse Berry. Even more impressive was senior Chris Bond who put up a career-high 20 points. It’s pretty awesome to see your best defensive player throwing up the most points, and a few of those being dunks.

It’s really hard to get hyped about Ball State Basketball when we’re still completing a winning football season. I don’t think a lot of people’s minds have shifted over to basketball yet. However, this Saturday is the time to step away from the Scheu and come to Worthen because we play none other than *trumpet calls* Butler! I remember my first Butler game more clearly than any other sporting event in my time as a student at Ball State so far. It was my freshman year and I had just joined Charlie’s Crew. We were sitting in the front row of the Nest leading the students in cheers. Worthen was PACKED. I got chills the entire game from all of the screaming and cheering. The last minute of the game was probably the most stress my young heart has ever experienced and when we won at the buzzer, I legitimately cried and peed my pants a little (no shame, people!).

Is that going to be the scene again this Saturday? I sure hope so. We beat Butler at home two years ago. Last year, we played them on their home court and still managed to put up a good fight. Hell, we were even tied at halftime with them. Butler is our biggest in-state rival and I wouldn’t underestimate the Cardinals’ ability in beating them. So if you have a free afternoon, come out to Worthen at 2 pm on Saturday for hopefully the most exciting home game of the season!

If the thought of a packed Worthen Arena didn’t sell you, here’s another reason you should come: Jesse Berry’s shoes. I’m not kidding. These things shine like a ruby on that court. If only he would click his heels and say, “There’s no place like Cleveland,” maybe luck would be on our side and we could be MAC tourney bound this March. One can dream, right?


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