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Sam Waterston Wants Friday BSU News and Notes

SamWaterstonMy gosh, Friday, you look amazeballs. It seems like it has been so long since I’ve seen you! 7 days, at least. What’s that? You want some BSU news and notes? I got you covered you beautiful sexy day, you. Thursday almost made me forget about you, but that trollop of a weekday could never make me forget what you and I have.

You know who else probably wants some BSU news and notes? The legendary actor Sam Waterston who celebrates his 73rd birthday today. The roles that people know Waterston for are ultimately decided by how old they are. People in their early 30s like myself remember him best for his portrayal of Jack McCoy on Law and Order. The older crowd may remember him for his performance in The Killing Fields. Younger folks and current intellectuals know him for his outstanding work on The Newsroom as network president Charlie Skinner. He’s one of the best actors working today (in my opinion) and even makes Old Glory Robot Insurance seem like a plausible thing. Happy birthday to Sam and look out for those robots. On to the Cardinal news…

NewsNotesLogo Women’s basketball opened their home season on Thursday at Worthen Arena on the wrong side of a 63-58 loss to Pittsburgh. It was a close game throughout, and BSU actually led the Panthers with just over four minutes to play. If you haven’t gotten to see the women’s team, they play at home next on December 7th against Western Kentucky. The 1-2 Cards start a 4-game road swing next Wednesday at Evansville.

NewsNotesLogo Quintin Cooper’s locker room tweet about a broken leg was correct, as BSU has confirmed that is the case. The tentative recovery time barring any setbacks for the junior should be in the neighborhood of 4-6 weeks, which means playing in a late bowl is an outside possibility.

NewsNotesLogo Speaking of bowl games, it’s that time of the year when people attempt to slate in where the Cards are headed. It’s important for folk to keep in mind that the order of selection this year is 1) Mobile,  2) Detroit, and 3) Boise. After those slots are selected, the MAC can fill in other at-large opportunities. We likely won’t know where BSU is headed for a while, as NIU’s potential BCS invite means everything for the bowls above. I have to believe if NIU gets a BCS bid, then the Cards are first off the board to Mobile. If the Huskies are slumming it with the rest of the MAC, then I’d say BSU is heading to the Pizza Bowl in Detroit (which truthfully, is my dream situation for numerous reasons). Really, the mantra at this point should be “Anything but Boise”.

NewsNotesLogo In general higher ed news, Ball State faculty/staff senate members have voted to approve a motion opposing the marriage amendment that is working its way through the Indiana legislature to outlaw same sex marriages via the Indiana constitution. BSU joins IU, Wabash, and Depauw in putting something like this in their administrative record.

NewsNotesLogo If you’ve been to BSU lately, you’ve noticed a ton of construction and demolition taking place in the Village area for student apartments and retail. It’s been a heated debate about how and why this is happening, but the newest renderings of what the Village Promenade will look like have been released (click the photos to go bigger):
Village PromenadeVillage Promenade 3Village Promenade 2

NewsNotesLogo Your BSU Tweet of the Day comes from @CardinalChels:
I cannot even fathom the amount of expectation the current generation of college students has for technology related issues and fixes. I know how angry I get when my wireless internet drops out for thirty seconds so I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have technology impact things that actually matter.


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