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Your Official OTP BSUDrink NIU/BSU Drinking Game Rules

toast-beerIf you’re like your fearless OTP leaders, the best games require the best libations. And the best libations require a reason to drink them. If I’ve learned anything since leaving BSU, it’s that people look strangely at you if you are just chugging beer after beer while watching a football game. They get judgey, they get all worried, they start handing out AA pamphlets, they start packing their stuff, they start moving out, etc. So you have to have a reason, then it makes it ok! And what better reason than because two guys who run a BSU blog told you so. So what follows is the best drinking game you’ll find for the BSU/NIU epic contest built by BSU fans for BSU fans.

There are multiple categories, none of which are exceptionally cumbersome or hard to remember. By kickoff, we’ll have a handy dandy pdf for you of these. But this gets you started.

NOTE: If you’re actually going to the game, play at your own risk. I’m not saying I’ve had an adult beverage or two before at a game where none were served, I’m not saying I haven’t. I’m just saying…

Historical Perspective

  • Mention of last season’s NIU BCS berth: 1 drink
  • Highlight of any of last 4 BSU losses shown: 1 drink per highlight
  • Mention of 4 straight wins for NIU over BSU: 2 drinks
  • Mention of 2008 MAC Championship game: 5 drinks
  • Highlight of 2008 win over NIU: finish your drink

Future Perspective

  • Any mention of bowl projections: 1 drink
  • NIU classified as a “BCS Buster” for this season: 1 drink
  • Jordan Lynch mentioned as a Heisman contender: 1 drink
  • Any talk of Rod Carey or Pete Lembo taking a new job after this season: 3 drinks
  • Any talk of Jordan Lynch or Keith Wenning’s NFL future: 5 drinks

Game Happenings

  • Keith Wenning TD Pass: 1 drink (anyone else besides Keith: 3 drinks)
  • Jahwan Edwards TD rush: 1 drink (anyone else besides Quake: 3 drinks)
  • Jordan Lynch sack/tackle for no gain on 1st or 2nd down: 1 drink
  • Jordan Lynch sack/tackle for no gain on 3rd down: 3 drinks
  • Jordan Lynch fumble: 3 drinks (recovered by BSU: 2 bonus drinks)
  • Jordan Lynch interception: 3 drinks
  • BSU defense forces a punt: 3 drinks
  • BSU offense converts a third and 5 or longer: 3 drinks
  • Onside kick: Unsuccessful – 1 drink; Successful – 5 drinks
  • Defensive TD (fumble return, INT return): 6 drinks
  • Special teams TD (fake punt, kick return, punt return): 6 drinks
  • BSU win: Finish your drink

Broadcast Tomfoolery

  • BSU fans shown on camera: 1 drink
  • EDIT: Jamill Smith referred to as “the smallest player in college football”: 1 drink
  • Desmond Howard referred to as a Heisman Winner: 1 drink
  • EDIT: Mention of “Bronze Stalk Trophy” or “Bronze Stalk Game”: 1 drink
  • EDIT: Bronze Stalk Trophy shown on screen: 2 drinks
  • EDIT: Mention of the Alabama/Ball State sign battle on Gameday: 2 drinks
  • Quint Kessinich has a rolled up paper in hand while on camera: 3 drinks
  • Charlie Cardinal shown on camera: 3 drinks
  • Mention of Jason Whitlock or Brady Hoke buying tickets for students: 3 drinks
  • Any mention of other alums (Dave Letterman, Papa John, Jim Davis, etc.): 5 drinks per alum mentioned
  • Any mention of OTP or this drinking game: finish your drink

For those playing, that’s a solid effort that should do the trick of getting you in a feel good spot without being too ridiculous should this turn out the way we expect it. We’ll update this post with the .pdf you can print out and sit on the coffee table, nail to the wall, tape on your dog, etc. If you’re playing, use the hashtag #BSUDrink and we’ll keep you abreast of the action.

Need something fancy schmancy that’s a bit easier to follow than the bullet points above? Enjoy… (click on it to make it bigger)



4 Responses

  1. You forgot “smallest player in college football”… that deserves at least a couple drinks…

  2. Can’t believe I forgot. Will edit accordingly.

  3. Need to add any mention of the “We Want Bama/BallSt” sign battle

  4. Good point. Added above.

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