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If Students Attend, Charity Wins

dollarsI’ve fought the philosophical argument for a while now that athletics is more than just points and plays. I have friends and family that don’t see the need for the dominance and importance that athletics and their competitions plays in everyday life, and to them, I say: WRONG! Granted, sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. Trees got poisoned at Auburn, players get hurt, sometimes people enjoy a little too much fun and festivity in the parking lots but on the whole, I firmly believe that athletics and its competition make people, society, and life in general tangibly better. For the November 6th home game against Central Michigan, Ball State students can actually make a difference in a BSU philanthropy that will ultimately benefit Riley’s Children’s Hospital. Via the BSU release…

The Ball State athletics department and Ball State Dance Marathon have partnered to create Project 10,000, an initiative planned for the Wed., Nov. 6, home football game vs. Central Michigan.

If 10,000 Ball State students attend the Ball State vs. Central Michigan football game at 8 p.m., at Scheumann Stadium, Ball State Dance Marathon will receive a $10,000 gift for its fundraising efforts that benefit Riley Children’s Hospital.

The football game, set to broadcast nationally on ESPN2, will provide Dance Marathon a great opportunity to share its mission with thousands of people in attendance and potentially millions of people watching on television.

The first-of-its-kind promotion awards Dance Marathon with $1 for every student more than 5,000 and less than 10,000 that attends the game. Once the student attendance hits 10,000, the gift to Dance Marathon automatically becomes $10,000.

Ball State Dance Marathon is a student-run organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for Riley Hospital for Children. The year-long fundraising campaign culminates with a 12-hour marathon where participants pledge to stand for the entire 12 hours. This year’s marathon is set for Feb. 22, 2014, from 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Field Sports Building on Ball State’s campus.

It’s a great opportunity for BSU students to do some good while doing something they should be doing anyway… going to the only remaining home football game while class is in session. What’s not clear is how the actual funding came about, but my hope is that someone who wanted to donate to the Dance Marathon philanthropy anyway used this as a way to make their donation hopefully put rear ends in seats at the football game. Worst case, it’s a donation from BSU Athletics, which still does the above, though admittedly with less of a cool story factor as a wealthy benefactor stepping up to the plate. However it came about, it’s a good opportunity to do some good. Show up, help out, and make a difference y’all.

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