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Cardinals Lead Conference in Steele Mid-Season Teams with 12

steeleThere is no more of an “expert” in college football than Phil Steele. Each summer when his preview magazine/book is released, it’s a mad rush in the blogosphere and the college football universe to see what he’s said, who he’s ranked, and where they fall. Take a walk through a pressbox in the fall and I would put the over/under on the percentage of writers in the box that have Phil Steele’s mag in their bag at around 95% and you’d probably do well to take the over.

Phil Steele lives, breathes, eats, and probably poops college football. His Insider newsletter is one of the reasons why I’ve been able to actually make money betting on college football instead of just pissing money down the drain to be joined in neverland by so many hopes, dreams, and aspirations. So suffice to say, his opinion actually counts.

Why this is particularly relevant today is that Steele has released his midseason All-Conference teams, and the MAC has been Steele-d…

His BSU Selections:
Willie Snead, 1st Team WR
Jordan Hansel, 1st Team OG
Nathan Ollie, 1st Team DL
Jonathan Newsome, 1st Team DL
Jamill Smith, 1st Team KR
Keith Wenning, 2nd Team QB
Jahwan Edwards, 2nd Team RB
Jordan Williams, 2nd Team WR
Ben Ingle, 2nd Team LB
Brian Jones, 2nd Team DB
Matthew Page, 3rd Team OT
Scott Secor, 3rd Team K

I’d think an argument could be made for Wenning being 1st Team, but I am also well aware of the love affair that the nation is having with Jordan Lynch. At least for the next few weeks or so. Other than that, it’s pretty spot on, and I was glad to see Jordan Williams getting some MAC All-Conference love from one of the nation’s experts.

If you’re into numbers, that’s twelve Cardinals across the three teams. For comparison’s sake, NIU landed 11, BG landed 11, Toledo landed 9 (one of whom was on their once as WR and once as a KR), Buffalo landed 8, Central landed 6, Ohio landed 6, Western Michigan landed 5, Miami landed 4, Eastern Michigan landed 3, Kent State landed 2, UMass landed 2, and Akron landed 2.

You can check out Steele’s Midseason MAC All-Conference Teams here.


2 Responses

  1. I sent Steele a comment that I thought Jordan should have been 1st team at WR but 2nd team isn’t too bad for a Sophomore

  2. At this point in the season, I don’t have a huge problem with it. However, if Williams continues on pace for the rest of 2013, then I’d say a non-1st team end of year would warrant some grumbling.

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