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Reserve Your Bowl Tickets Now!

logo200In a great move by the BSU administration, fans can now begin to reserve their tickets to the Bowl game that the Cards will hopefully be playing in. The good news? By reserving your tickets through the BSU ticket office, you help the Cards in that these are the tickets that will be sold to meet their allotment requirements for any given bowl, in addition to making the Cards an attractive participant given they’ve sold X number of pre-reservations. The better news? Your deposit isn’t locked in and can be returned if the Cardinals don’t make a bowl or you can’t make the bowl they get invited to. So really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain while helping BSU in the process. I’d think this team and this staff have earned your refundable $10, don’t you think?

To the release…

With the Ball State football team’s victory over Kent State, the Cardinals are bowl eligible for a third straight season.

All interested fans can reserve bowl game tickets by making a $10 deposit per order on http://www.ballstatesports.com or by calling the Ball State ticket office at 888.BSU.TICKET. In addition, the Worthen Arena Ticket Office is open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This deposit reserves your tickets if Ball State is invited to a bowl game. Once Ball State is invited to a bowl game and ticket prices are released, your $10 deposit will be used toward the overall price of the tickets you purchase. You may reserve as many tickets as you like while making only the $10 deposit. If, after making the deposit, you realize you cannot attend the bowl game, your $10 deposit may be refunded upon request, or it could be considered a donation to Ball State Athletics.

“Our fans participation in the bowl game ticket deposit program helps our bowl selection process,” Ball State athletics director Bill Scholl says. “Bowl game committees use several factors to determine which teams to invite to their games. Our 6-1 start, and the fact we feature one of the most exciting and entertaining teams in the country, will certainly help our argument to many bowl committees. However, another important factor is the strength of a team’s fan base. Bowl deposits, such as these, can play a role in demonstrating the commitment of our fan base. The ability to show a strong response from our fan base in bowl game ticket deposits will only enhance our attractiveness to bowl committees.”

Ball State is 6-1 overall and 3-0 in the Mid-American Conference and will play a road game at Western Michigan Saturday. The Cardinals host Central Michigan in a nationally televised game at 8 p.m. Wed., Nov. 6, and wrap up the season with Senior Day vs. Miami University at 1 p.m. Fri., Nov. 29, at Scheumann Stadium.

I can think of ways I’ve wasted 10 bucks in the last week that make taking advantage of this a no-brainer. Do it for Lembo. Do it for Wenning. Do it for OTP.


One Response

  1. Do it for the children! Dear God think of the children!!!

    Brilliant idea though for sure.

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