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Homecoming Flashback: Dave Letterman’s Biff on Campus [VIDEO]

OTP Rucks ReactionHomecomings at BSU hold a special place in my heart. There’s a definite buzz around campus for one. As a member of a fraternity we were always paired with other greek letter organizations resulting in great fun and good times for two. Perhaps most important, it was remarkably easy to find an alum who was happy to buy you a few frosty beverages at Scotty’s or BW3’s and relive “the good old days” with a current BSU undergrad. It was always the best week of the year to be a Cardinal.

In 2001, Homecoming was extra special for me as it was my final lap around BSU’s campus in my senior year. We were also playing host to the nationally ranked Toledo Rockets, and after the swamp of suck we had to endure my first few years in Muncie, it would be nice to go out on a high note. Adding to the extra special feel on campus was an extra special visitor, one Biff Henderson, he of Late Show with David Letterman fame. If you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it for a while, check out the video of Biff’s visit below…

The memories in this video are massive. President Brownell, Talmadge Hill, Biff leading the Pride of MidAmerica in the fight song, Homecoming bed races with some familiar faces for me, and upsetting the Rockets. The goal posts were torn down by an angry student mob and walked down Bethel into the Duck Pond, where a group of fine upstanding young gentlemen retrieved them and proceeded to hack it up as a souvenir, a piece of which still sits in my office today. It was a great memory, a great Homecoming, and here’s to some more made this weekend.


2 Responses

  1. That team was barely removed from the 21-game losing streak, but that year still ranks as one of the best Homecomings in BSU history. Not just for the Letterman segment, but for Corey Parchman getting the game winning TD return sans contact lenses, which popped out at the start of the play. (IIRC, Parchman had a cup of coffee in the NFL with Jacksonville).

    On the down side, that weekend also featured a couple of rowdy student tailgates that led Student Affairs to ram through some draconian tailgating rules on *everyone* (including alums) without any debate, a number of which — including the infamous 3-hour limit — we’re still stuck with today. Come on, BSU, it’s been 12 years! Loosen the reins already!

  2. Yeah there were some drawbacks but damn was it fun. The tailgating rules I think were the final thing for the Police Yourself stuff with Dr. McConkey and Dean Hyman. It was fraternity life a real pain in the ass if I recall correctly. Thankfully, I was on the way out when most of it went down.

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