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Chirps From the Nest: What Does the Fox Say

Chirps from the Nest 200It’s family weekend this weekend at Ball State and my little sister is coming to visit. This will be her first, and probably only, Ball State football game that she goes to. While discussing getting a ticket for the game she asked if she needed to pre-order a ticket or if she could buy it at the game. She was worried about getting a ticket because she didn’t want it to sell out. Can we just imagine that for a minute? A sold out Ball State football game? We’re about to play our biggest at-home rival and the next home game will be Homecoming, and I can guarantee we will not sell out. I guess this is just another sad tale of Ball State students slacking and the Muncie community really not caring enough.

Speaking of slacking, I’m at that point in the semester where college is draining every ounce of life out of me. Exams, research projects, and debates are my entire existence right now. So rather than pondering the meaning of life or giving my dating advice, I’ll let some experts inform you on a deep life question: What does the fox say?

In case you’re not really sure what in the world you just watched, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Now more importantly, we don’t always like to show some love to other MAC teams. I think it’s time we suck it up and high-five the Ohio marching band. I dream of the day the Ball State band jumps on the bandwagon of viral music video halftime shows.


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