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Off Sides: Top Halloween Costumes for 2013

Off Sides 200Ahh, fall: football, leaves changing colors, corn mazes, pumpkin spice lattes, scantily-clad women dressed as the slutty versions of popular characters from popular culture. Fall is personally my favorite time of year. I do have to admit I have no idea what a pumpkin spice latte is though, and if I hear one more person make a not-so-funny quip about them I’m going to lose it. Still, I do love most things about fall, and as someone who has done some acting I relish the opportunity to get to dress up and be someone else one day a year. So, I thought I’d offer some guidance as you plan your 2013 Halloween costume. Check out these awesome and unique costume ideas.

Naked Chick: BlurredLines

If we learned anything from popular culture in 2013 it is that it’s completely acceptable to walk around butt naked if you’re a young woman. You can go as Miley Cyrus; my idea is to go completely nude with an over-sized necklace that looks like a wrecking ball. Not a Miley fan? Then I suggest going as one of the girls from the Blurred Lines video. Save some money this year by shedding your dignity and transforming yourself into a shameless young woman who has no problem being an object for men to drool over. Whether you’re a horse-faced 20-year-old with spiky hair or a goddess with zero percent body fat and perfect natural breasts, you should be able to pull this one off.

Walter White: WalterWhite

As the final season of Breaking Bad wraps up, expect to see a lot of Walter Whites walking around on October 31st. If you choose this costume, add an accessory others might not think of by carrying around some blue rock candy in a plastic bag. If you really want to be original you could even make some actual meth. I have no idea how this is done but I think it has something to do with Sudafed. The last time I had a cold I’m pretty sure the DEA had my phone tapped.

The Duck Dynasty Guys:


I expect this to be a very popular costume for beer-drinking, meat-eating, all-American men this year. I have to admit I don’t watch the show but these guys definitely seem like interesting characters with unique looks. Just don’t annoy people by blowing into a duck call all night long.

The Governor:


Walking Dead fan? Don’t be a tool and be one of a half-dozen Darryls or Ricks walking around your party. Put on an eye patch and go as The Governor instead. He was one of the great bad guys coming out of television in 2013.

Jack Burton:

It's all in the reflexes.

It’s all in the reflexes.

You’re probably asking, who? Of course I’m referring to the character from John Carpenter’s 1986 classic Big Trouble in

Little China. I sported this stume a few years ago. Literally only one person at the bar recognized who I was supposed to be. But his excitement made it all worth while. Some quick trivia for movie fans: Jack Burton’s iconic tank-top is hanging on the wall in the bar in the beginning of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, which also stars Kurt Russell.

If you decide to go with any of these ideas please send me pictures (especially if you go as a nude chick). In any case we at OTP hope you have a happy Halloween!


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