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Chirps From the Nest: There’s Something in the Water

Chirps from the NestBall State is going crazy and I think there must be something in the water. We are a couple of weeks into the semester and people are starting to get off their rockers. There’s a couple of factors that I’d like to think are the main reasons for this mental chaos. The first issue is that professors think it’s a great idea to pile on the exams all in the same week. The next issue is that people are getting homesick. The third issue is that everyone is breaking up. WHY is everyone suddenly breaking up?

So now I’d like to talk about college relationships. Obviously, I’m the best person to give my input on this since I’ve been single for four years. Let’s talk about the reasons why I’m still single. One, I have too much school spirit. I’ve determined that no one wants to date someone who walks around in the afternoon wearing her PJ’s just for the Pajama Slama theme at the volleyball game. Two, I’m an RA and the only people who understand the RA life are other RA’s, so that sure limits the playing field. And three, I hang out with too many gay boys. That’s just a personal preference of friends on that last one. Since I’ve been single for my whole college career, I’ve had a lot of time to kick back and observe the college relationships and I must say, I think I’m content with the single life.

My favorite relationships are freshman relationships. A lot of people come to college with some high school baggage, mainly a bad relationship they should have left at home. The absolute best ones are the ones with promise rings. Like seriously, what in the world is a promise ring? What is the function and why are you throwing those promises out the window in the first month of school? Then, after the big break up, comes my favorite part: the rebound.

As we all learned in Bridesmaids, “Every girl needs those slutty college years. To experiment, get it out of your system. Find out what you like.” Fair enough, but come on kids can we not make it so obvious? Some of my favorite stories to eavesdrop around campus or in the halls are “I walked in on my roommate and their new boyfriend/girlfriend.” This is also a good Bridesmaids moment to say, “Get your shit together, Carol.” You invite that “friend” over to study, but then you “study” some other topics and next thing you know you’re failing your test the next day. So now you’re stressed because you just failed, and you think your friend and all other human beings are jerks and ruining your life, and you start thinking about wanting to go home to your comfort zone where life was easy, and then you think about all the jerks at home. It’s a vicious cycle! And it seems to attack everyone at college at some point.

Movies and books and our traditional older generations have drilled the idea in our head that there is nothing sweeter than a high school sweetheart story. If that doesn’t work, then just go for the next best thing: a college romance. I think we’re too actively looking for that. Maybe that’s just me, because during my freshman year I was hoping I’d meet my future husband and that he would sweep me off of my feet. Instead of feeling pressured and rushed to find your soul mate in the nearest dining hall to you, why not just slow down, build some true friendships, and see if anything blossoms from there? What happened to the casual date night? Does that even exist anymore?

Maybe I’m entirely wrong on all of this, but I’m having too much fun living the college life and building lasting relationships with friends to worry about finding my soul mate. So if you’re in college, relax and make some friends and enjoy the journey of college. And if that doesn’t work, I sure hope we can get a good water filter around here because you all are going crazy.


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