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Final Word on North Texas

logo200It’s now been roughly 48 hours since the first road trip of the 2013 season went the exact opposite of how we wanted it to go and it still sucks. Quite a bit, actually. Normally in the days after a game, I’ll go back, rewatch, find some things that I missed initially, or tweak my evaluation of the game. The first half of that statement has happened. The second half? Not so much. The things that were frustrating on Saturday evening are frustrating now on Monday afternoon, some even more so.

I am actually having a considerably tougher time than usual finding positives. For each unit or player who would normally receive some sort of kudos or praise, there’s an equal (and usually more) amount of blame for something foolish and ridiculous that sort of negates the good. In some respects, as frustrating as it is to deal with an outcome like this, it is somewhat refreshing that it’s the first time I can remember one of these turds getting laid since Pete Lembo arrived in Muncie.

Maybe the hype of this team and this program had its way with this group, maybe there was distractions on the first road trip, maybe it was just a perfect storm of a lot of little things that added up to one big thing: a loss. At this point it sort of doesn’t matter and it’s onward and upward for the Cardinals. Their MAC opener is on the road this weekend against EMU, and I’d say my ability to just of shake off a loss then as I am now is not possible. That one would be big. That one would be crushing. This one? Sometimes things just don’t work out. The final word for North Texas is…


  • an unfortunate incident; a mishap

Some other week 3 thoughts…

  • Nice to see a game at least somewhat live up to the hype of Bama/A&M. For all the slobbering of Sportscenter and major media outlets, there was no way it was ever going to live up to the hype completely, barring a 58-57 quadruple overtime thriller with Pink Floyd at the half. But this was close, and damn it, that’s enough.
  • Nebraska coach Bo Pelini had himself a not so great weekend, as his Cornhuskers got gassed by UCLA and then audio leaked of him lambasting the Nebraska fans several years ago for being what he called “fair weather”. If those fans are fair-weather, never take a job in the MAC. Seriously, Bo, don’t do it. You’re going to do it after you get fired aren’t you? Sigh.
  • The NCAA says they’re standing firm about not paying athletes. I’m sure the SEC is both amused and totally not interested in what the NCAA even remotely thinks at this point.
  • The one article you should read this week is Gregg Doyel’s on Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill and how seizures impact his future career choices. (Kill had another seizure this weekend on the Minnesota sidelines)

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