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A Bunch of New Reasons to Hate Western Michigan

bad-idea-jeansI’m a big fan of young up and coming coaches shaking up the status quo and trying some new things. Pete Lembo has certainly done that at BSU with the Student Rewards Program, the internship program, the Straight from the Coach Newsletter, etc. that has helped to build a general feeling of program “with it”-ness. The line between cutting edge and laughing stock though is razor thin. And that’s where we introduce you to Western Michigan and new head coach P.J. Fleck…

The LOLs on this baby are plentiful and make an otherwise hohum Thursday anything but. It’s like Lame Ass Manna from Bad Idea Heaven all courtesy of our friends up the road in Kalamazoo. To the breakdown!

  • Before we start, the mantra of “Row Your Boat” that Fleck has ramrodded down the fanbase’s throat is perhaps the worst football slogan I’ve ever heard. At least when Kevin Wilson at IU implemented “Win Today” it was somewhat related to their struggling program. WMU’s mascot is the Broncos and how horses and rowboats outside of Oregon Trail mix, I’m unaware.
  • The fog horn is a great touch. Just think if there was a fog horn on that iceberg, poor old Jack wouldn’t have floated away from Rose on her giant closet door that totally could have fit them both. In the truest sense of metaphor I can remember, WMU fans are indeed headed for several gigantic icebergs this season. Be prepared. Twenty minutes before kickoff.
  • Only four stadiums have an in house DJ. Just a wild guess here, but I’m assuming there is a reason for that. That reason is probably not “Amazeballs fan experience booster totally undiscovered by the other hundreds of football programs.” But good job, good effort.
  • I appreciate his sliding his Chicago Blackhawks fansong after a goal down the throats of the fanbase and basically saying, “You probably won’t like it. Deal with it.”
  • DJ Ill Mix is going to have a spin off to start the 4th quarter. Watch out Wisconsin! That “Jump Around” tradition is in jeopardy.
  • Does WMU not possess a spell checker? It’s defense. Not defence. Defence would be the slang way of saying what most programs would jump over to get away from these traditions. As in “These ideas are so bad, I wanted to hop defence to get away from them and whomever thought they were viable solutions.”
  • Singing the fight song or the alma mater isn’t new, it isn’t cutting edge, and if anything it should be expected. Holding up an oar while you do it doesn’t make it special either. They need to take that oar and beat whoever came up with this garbage.
  • The Row Your Boat Dance? No…. just…. no. But at least it provided us with this valuable commodity that will indeed be back around OTP come WMU week…

PJ Fleck Row Your Boat Dance

I don’t know about you, but for me, my decision on which road game to hit just became remarkably easier. My only question for P.J. Fleck in the post game presser will be “How dare you?”

3 Responses

  1. It is a joke of a video, but hey college football teams on the mid-major level need some sort of gimmick to score fans. Western has a solid fan base for a MAC school and any attempt to increase passion is fine by me.

  2. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!? I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe here, why are they using Ball State’s “chirp” sign for 3rd downs? Or maybe what’s the connection between WMU and boats? Kind of makes me want to travel, just to see this train wreck. One more reason I’m proud to call THE BALL STATE MIGHTY FIGHTING CARDS my team!

  3. I wasn’t kidding when I said I may go to the final WMU game this year and just ask questions about the fan stuff. In the hopes that I can incite a confrontation and call him “Junior” or “Skippy”

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