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Don’t Look Now, the NFL is Back

nfl-logoThursday, the NFL proves yet again it is the dominant beast in the sports jungle as the 2013 season kicks off. We haven’t seen one game yet, and the ball is already rolling quickly downhill for a tumultuous season if the weeks leading up to it are any indication. We’ve had RG3’s knee, Tim Tebow getting cut, Gronk’s arm, the dumpster fire of the Jets QB depth chart, and the most substantive concussion plan in the NFL ever, leading ESPN to wonder about the future of the sport. It’s that time of the year, boys and girls, where fanbases go crazy and coaches get put on the hotseat. It’s also a time of potential gain for you, the casual sports fan who stands to make a profitable weekend happen with just a few clicks of the mouse.

As we’ve said on OTP from time to time, and as Jason mentioned in his most recent video production, we have a propensity to make a wager or two on the sports we watch. As I hinted at last week, as the season progresses it gets harder and harder to make substantive money on your wagers, so week 1 is definitely where you want to take advantage of the lack of information. For this week and future weeks, you can look for online football betting to be the claim to fame for many who are feeling lucky. We’ll touch on picks and odds on our Twitter page also. It’s the least we can do for you.

Admittedly, I’m not a tremendous NFL fan, but for some reason, this upcoming season has me excited. Perhaps curious is a better word. I’m curious how the Bears will do without Brian Urlacher. I’m curious if the 49ers and Seahawks will live up to the giant expectations laid unto them. I’m curious if my fantasy teams will turn into the epic disaster that I’ve so often come to expect. It all starts Thursday, so batten down the hatches, boys and girls.


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