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Twas the Night Before Gameday

scheumann stadiumTwas the night before gameday
And all through The Scheu
The facility was ready
For the Cards 2013 debut.

The field had been lined;
The jumbotron new.
The fight song had been practiced
A hundred times through

The fans were all resting
Snug in their beds
While visions of TDs and dominance
Danced in their heads.

The students were ready,
So were faculty and staff,
For excellence of execution
First and Second half.

When somewhere in the Fisher Complex
There arose such a clatter
Bill Scholl came a-runnin’
Wondering what on Earth was the matter

Away through the lockerroom
He flew like a flash
To try and discover
What made such a crash.

The moon cast a shine
On the newly-laid gear
It gave the luster of excellence
Yes, it would be a great year.

Then Scholl saw a great sight
His heart steady trembled.
It was Coach Pete Lembo
And the entire team assembled

With a passion and energy
That rung like a bell
Lembo was working them
Giving them hell

The screams were as loud
As the volume could go
The players were loving it
“Give us some mo!”

Now Hansel! On Wenning!
On Snead! On Nate Ollie!
On Toothman! On Newsome!
On Edwards! By golly!

The clang of the plates
And the grunts of the men
Gave a chorus of work
That couldn’t be dimmed

Scholl wasted no time
He had advice to be heeded
This shouldn’t be happening
Sleep was what was needed

But Lembo and crew
Continued unfazed.
This was a cost
They were happy to pay.

They were paying for victory
With each repetition
The sweat and the tears
Forming a brand new tradition.

Of victory, dominance,
and championship dreams.
“This is the cost!”
Cascaded Lembo’s screams

After hours and hours
Of sweat, effort, and work
Lembo knew they were primed
He knew they’d go berzerk

Kickoff had dwindled
To hours away
He cut them all loose
Told to all hit the hay.

They each made their way
to their off campus bed
All knew in their hearts
The Redbirds were dead

With a final glance cast
Across the dark field
Coach Lembo laid down
It was time to yield.

As sleep overtook him
He dreamed a great dream
Of MAC Championship hopes
A legendary team
He knew they were ready
They were as primed as ever
With just a little good luck
This team will be remembered forever.

Then Coach got up quickly
There was work to be done
There was still time to draw up
The best plays to be run.

Scholl couldn’t believe it.
Does Lembo ever rest?!
Perhaps that’s the reason
Why he’s one of the best.

Finally Lembo stretched out
On his plush office throne
Scholl felt it was best
If he left him alone.

His coach needed sleep
His rest was high need
Scholl saw his eyelids finally close
And he began his retreat.

But Scholl heard him whisper
As he faded from sight,
“See you  tomorrow–
GO CARDS! Fight! Fight! Fight!”


2 Responses

  1. *Slow clap* Bravo, bravo.

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