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Welcome New OTP Staff: Jason Brewer

otp logoI distinctly remember a conversation that Edge and I had after the first year of OTP. We chatted about the site, where we were going with it, what we wanted it to become. The Cards were coming off an undefeated regular season, Brady Hoke had just resigned, the fanbase was in turmoil, and rough waters were ahead unbeknownst to us at the time. That was roughly 4 years ago, we were still on Blogger software, and the .net was but a twinkle in our eyes. Flash forward to now, a quarter million unique visits later, a new software, our own domain, and forays into the world of podcasting, etc. It’s clear it’s time for another upgrade. Enter Jason Brewer.

Jason and I go back to our undergrad days at BSU, but I would have hired him regardless. The skills he brings to the OTP family are two sorely lacking areas for the site. Jason excels in design and multimedia production, which is the next foray for us. Though not brand new, as he’s been producing the OTPcast since the summer, you’ll notice some behind the scenes things immediately. Branding for the new columns, tighter production value on the podcast, and our beginning salvo into video production with Jason’s against the spread posts on gameweek Fridays. Some more on Jason…

Jason HeadshotJason Brewer is a 30-something graduate of the Ball State University Business school. Cutting his teeth in radio and currently the go-to-guy for all things video and media related. While he admits he’s not as much of a “Saturday football” guy you can still find him blindly giving out picks against the spread on the Straight Cash Homey picks as well as on the OTPcast. Follow him on Twitter (@brewerjason), YouTube (www.YouTube.com/brewerjason).

In true radio fashion, Jason got two plugs into his bio. Well done. His OTP grilling…

How are you connected to BSU?
Moved into LaFollette the Fall of 2001. Many a dollar pitcher at Locker Room later I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in the Spring of 2005.

Tell us a little about yourself, what you’re up to now, etc?
Since graduating BSU in 2005 I’ve worked primarily in traditional media. Director of Internet Development for Kicks96-FM and WHON-AM in Richmond, IN…. Sales for WRQC-FM and WARO-FM in Ft. Myers/Naples, IN… and currently Creative Services Editor/Producer for WEVV-TV in Evansville, IN.

Favorite Ball State memory?
I think my favorite Ball State memory would have to be beating #25 ranked Toledo my freshman year and ripping down the field goal posts. I still have a 2 foot section of that goal post in my living room.

Favorite BSU athletes during your time there?
Peyton Stovall (basketball guard). Reggie Hodges (football punter). I hung out with a lot of the throwers and track guys. Basically anyone but *NAME REDACTED*.

Predictions for the Cards this year?
I’ve got the cards coming in at 9-3. No MAC championship but bowl eligible.

Join me in welcoming Jason (officially) to the OTP family. His biggest contributions will be on Friday where he’ll tell you how to fund Junior’s college fund or your expensive “personal hobbies” and also putting the bow on the OTPcast. You’ll notice his contributions immediately.


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