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Friday News and Notes


After 51 years of blogging, we will not be this happy.

Those fellas over to the right are perhaps the most notable rock band of all time, and July 12 marks quite a special day for the Rolling Stones. On this day back in 1962, the Stones performed their first concert ever at the Marquee Club in London. I’m almost positive there was at least one person who walked out of that show mumbling about how the Marquee Club never gets anyone big. My hope is they left early. I’m positive they probably now lie about staying for the whole show, recognizing the immense talent on stage, and doing lines of blow with Keith Richards. If you’re going to lie to cover your ass about walking out on The Stones, I’m a big fan of pushing it to the absolute limit. When it comes to lying, always remember the bigger the lie, the more they believe. The Wire taught me that. And how to sell drugs. But I digress. 51 years in music is a long long time and The Stones are still one of the premier draws. It just goes to show that sometimes in life, the more you party, the more poor decisions you make, and the more illegal substances you ingest the better, longer, and more successful your career is. Thanks a lot teachers/priests/parents/sponsors. On to the news and notes…

NewsNotesLogoThe football Cards are getting some much needed attention in the area as billboards have sprung up across Muncie advertising the coming season. We’ve harped on the (lack of community) support of the football program since this site was founded, so it’s nice to see the effort. I may be crazy but this season is shaping up to be a special one and I sincerely hope the Muncie community is a part of it.

NewsNotesLogoFormer Cardinal verbal commit J-Shun Harris from Fishers decommitted from BSU on Tuesday and committed to Indiana the following day. Not to be vindictive and/or petty or anything, but anyone who has the computing power in their noggin to weigh options between IU and BSU and choose IU isn’t bright enough to crack the field in Muncie anyway. Enjoy getting destroyed for four years, J-Shun.

NewsNotesLogoBSU athletics got a cool million bucks in grant money from the Ball Foundation for the current push for athletic program improvements. *cough* more urinals and a jumbotron *cough*

NewsNotesLogoBSU women’s golfer Sarah Westaway finished top 20 in the PGA Women’s Championship of Canada. Congrats to Sarah and it looks like I can add another name to the “People who are way better golfers than I am” list.

NewsNotesLogoWhenever your alma mater makes the front page of the Huffington Post, that doesn’t seem to be a good thing. BSU has landed itself in the national headlines for hiring a professor who is an authority on intelligent design in regard to the universe. It’s an interesting article and since this doesn’t seem the time or place to debate the creationism vs. evolution argument I would encourage you to head on over and join the poo fight in the comments.

NewsNotesLogoAn Ohio State fan named his brain tumor Michigan and then beat it. I think if I had a brain tumor, I would name it Indiana and let Pete Lembo tell me how to spank its ass up one side and down the other.

NewsNotesLogoIf you’re a gamer, NCAA 14 came out this week. Kiss my weekend productivity goodbye.

NewsNotesLogoMUNCIE NEWS OF THE DAY: A pregnant woman working at an adult novelty store was beaten, robbed, and raped by a customer. The most Muncie thing of all: as the alleged criminal was walking out he told the victim “Have a good 4th of July!” Sigh. Thoughts to the victim.

NewsNotesLogoYour BSU Tweet of the (yester)Day comes to us from @NYeoman:
BSUTweetoftheDay712I think now is as good a time as any to remind folks that the #1 rule of the 2008 MAC Championship is we don’t talk about the 2008 MAC Championship.


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